Sports Models

  1. Honda NSX

    Launched in 1990, this exotic all-aluminum super-car rewrote the meaning of performance, packing sensational handling. The new NSX is launching 2017.
    Ichiban Avatar Latest: 2nd Generation NSX Engine Oil Replacement Ichiban, Saturday 5th Nov, 2016
  2. Honda S2000

    Celebrating 50 years of Honda, the S2000 launched to embody everything Honda had learnt about the performance and superior manufacturing.
    numpty67 Avatar Latest: Honda S2000 Mugen: Japan 2006 numpty67, Thursday 10th Dec, 2015
  3. Honda Integra

    Produced for over 20 years since 1985, the compact sports model seen in various body styles throughout the generations. One thing remain constant, the exhilarating performance.
    numpty67 Avatar Latest: Honda Integra: United Kingdom 1988 numpty67, Saturday 2nd Jan, 2016
  4. Honda Prelude

    The legendary sports coupé, a platform for the best of Honda's developing technologies. The Prelude holds a special place for many of Honda's petrol-head enthusiasts.
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