2011 2.0 i-VTEC daily working horse
Daily Driver Owned by i-DSI

  • Elegance trim is not sold in UK. On mainland, you have Comfort (entry), Elegance, Executive and S-Type.
    Honda original accessorries: Delta 18inch wheels (summer use), sport grille, HFT, compact sat-nav, trunk inlay, floor mats, mud guards, roof rack, detachable towing hook and bike carrier.
    Mileage is in km's.
    Special aftermarket accessories (end 2012):
    - DEFA 220V electrical engine heater and bluetooth OBD connector for smartphone.
    - Aftermarket HID conversion kit installed (broke down 10 months later... transformer defect).
    (Opened thread for details on DEFA and HID).
    End March 2014
    - installed removable towing hitch (Honda original),
    - bought bike carrier (also Honda original)
    - roof rack (yes, also Honda original :Grin:).
    November 2014:
    - bought 2nd hand (Honda Original) 18 inch Delta wheels
    December 2014:
    - bought a 2nd hand sports grille in wrong colour. Sure, Honda Original. Will be repainted!
    => this is getting a well equipped car!
    March 2015:
    And add to this.... rear parking sensors. Ordered via Ebay, Cobra Automotive. Expect them to arrive tomorrow or Friday. No Honda originals this time. The price difference was huge: over 500 euro for HAC-E Honda's and the Cobra's are only 130 euro's. Cobra Automotive supplies also sensors to Honda and others (OEM).
    Couldn't withstand the temptation: I ordered (again) an HID kit, as the front bumper needs to go off anyhow to install the sport grill.
    HID Xenon H11 Kit Pro CAN-BUS | HID Xenon Verlichting
    This one is a bit more expensive than the first one I bought and looks like the transformers are better quality. I picked 4300 Kelvin again so I can still use the spare bulbs I have from the first kit.
    27 March: sport gille, Delta wheels and HID mounted!
    29 March: parking sensors mounted and bumper replaced (accident...) a lot of pictures added of the work.
    4 April: added some pics after a quick wash today! Enjoy.
    11 March 2015: bought a Thule roofbox. Ocean 200 (450 l content). Comfortable when you leave for 7 nights with 5 persons!!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    DEFA 220V electrical engine heater, bluetooth OBD connector for smartphone, detachable towing hitch, bike carrier, roof rack, 18 inch Honda Delta wheels, sports grille, HID kit, rear parking sensors (Cobra Automotive).
    Did a mod to improve LED lighting in footwell:
    Guides - Ambient Footwell Lighting Improvement
    Thule Ocean 200 roofbox (promotion at Auto5).
  1. Deltas and the grill make a difference
  2. This Silver colour gives Accord awesome look :Smile:
    1. i-DSI Avatar
      Thanks man. But there's some bad news: I'm looking for second hand front wing left, two left doors and right hand rear door...
      All badly damaged. All my own fault. She needs some care.
      i-DSI, Friday 10th Jun, 2016
    2. Futch@ Avatar
      That sometimes happens unfortunately but you will get it to shiny shape again soon :Wink:
      Futch@, Friday 10th Jun, 2016
  3. Deltas, grill and HID's :Happy:
    Such a transformation.
  4. Lovely looking 8th Generation.
    1. i-DSI Avatar
      Just wait a few weeks! I'll add some extra pictures after her transformation.
      i-DSI, Saturday 21st Mar, 2015
  5. It's great to see the gradual evolution of your Accord as you update and improve it :Thumbup:

    Your first comment about "the mainland" made me smile too - it reminded me of the (alleged) 1930's British newspaper headline, "Fog in Channel - Continent cut off."

  6. looking good! :Thumbup:
  7. Since looking ride with 16 inch wheels ! could you please do a write up on the DEFA 220V electrical engine heater.