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  • Bought the car 11 months old from Arnold Clark Honda in Kirkcaldy in Sept 2006, it was a Honda Fleet car. Used as my everyday car, covered 68K miles, mostly short trips during the week but there are some very long trips during the year, mainly to the Midlands and London. The first "problem" with the car happened in March 2014, a light bulb gave the ghost. Not many cars can run for 9 years without problems, so mine is a special one. Unfortunately on Jan 2015 had to splash cash for a new alternator, but still cheaper than buying a new car.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Metallic paint. No other optional extras.
    Mods: Interior LED conversion.

    Service History & Related Threads

    First 3 years serviced at Honda. The rest at North Road Garage in Kelty, a family owned garage. Full service history and receipts. New alternator and battery in February 2015, both genuine Honda parts.
    14/09/2016: 94K now. Replaced rear ABS sensors, were playing already for a couple of years, was lucky enough to pass MOT twice but this year decided enough is enough.
  1. Update: 94K now. Replaced rear ABS sensors, were playing already for a couple of years, was lucky enough to pass MOT but this year decided enough is enough.

    One of the interior bulbs failed a week ago, so I decided to splash the cash (£18 total) and convert the interior to LED lights. It went OK. Used the following kit:

    Trim tools: 12x Professional Pry Tool Kit Set Interior Trim Panel Removal Tool for HONDA | eBay
    Feston 31 bulbs:

    The 501 leds were not of the highest quality, however they worked OK. I covered the PCB with lacquer to make them more resistant to weather, because I'm using them on the doors.
  2. Recently hit 90K, still going strong. With all scandals with diesel emissions I'm holding my cash (that I don't have) for the moment.
    1. Nels Avatar
      I don't blame you holding on to her. You've clearly looked after her so she'll be good to you.
      Nels, Friday 13th May, 2016
  3. Fully understand your attachment to her. My CN1 was about 11-12 months old when I bought her and 11 years old when I traded her in.
    Just goes to show what great cars they are.
  4. Good to see a Midnight Blue Accord.
    Please tell us more about her.
    1. jcalvarez Avatar
      Thank you. My trusted accord has been with me since it was 11 months old, the first owner was Honda Fleet. Is an utterly reliable car, the first serious problem happened this year, had to replace the alternator. Other than that I badly damaged the boot lid in a stupid parking, bought another one in ebay for £100 and replaced it myself, looks like new. In general is a great car, and I'm very reluctant to sell it.
      jcalvarez, Friday 27th Feb, 2015
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