CR-V AWD EX 2.0l petrol
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  • It is a 2.0i EX AWD model with leather. I have added 3 extras. The locking wheel nuts, cargo tray, and chrome exhaust finisher.

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    AWD firmware update & Engine /AT transmission ECU firmware update at 15,000km
    ABS/VSA firmware update at 25,000km
  1. If you get her dressed up she will look like a more expensive SUV. She just needs 235/60 R18 M+S tyres and H&R +3 cm suspensions reaching 20cm ground clearance. Quality of build and reliability is there as she was made by Honda in UK. For me she just needs these 2 upgrades. Almost perfect. My wife has stole her from me but I get to drive her every afternoon/evening when I take the kids out.

    If you like this car, wait to see the 5th Generation. Gorgeous.
    1. PanayiotisPal Avatar
      Correction 225/60 R18 M&S (235 is wider than what the rims accept - max 225mm wide).
      PanayiotisPal, Sunday 2nd Oct, 2016
  2. She does look lovely. Polished metal metallic really suits her :Thumbup:
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    1. PanayiotisPal Avatar
      It is nice. I also thought that this was the best colour for the CR-V. I have a question though. Is it her and she because it is not a matcho AWD SUV??? but only mild/soft/gentle AWD system?? that needs some more punch in order to become a he/him :Smile: Can you please enlighten me because English is not my first language :Smile: ?? Thanks
      PanayiotisPal, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
    2. FirstHonda Avatar
      In Britain, we tend to refer to all cars, boats, ships etc. as "female" - so she and her. No idea why...we just do! We are a strange people...
      FirstHonda, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
    3. PanayiotisPal Avatar
      Cheers :Smile:
      PanayiotisPal, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
    1. PanayiotisPal Avatar
      her? I need to check that. :Smile: It was about the right time after all my posts. Thanks
      PanayiotisPal, Friday 5th Jun, 2015
  3. Yes I felt bad for not posting. Better late than never.
  4. Finally we get to see your AWD CR-V :Smile::Tongue:
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