Ichiban's 2.4 Accord Tourer ADAS (MY13)
Partner's Car Owned by Ichiban

  • Phew what a LONG day, the five month wait for my built to order tourer is finally over .:Happy: The drive back from from stoke was excellent just love the way the car drive and handles. It was also an ideal opportunity to give the car a good shakedown, testing all the ADAS features. I could not test CMBS fully but it did give me a tug on the seatbelts to remind me which is very reassuring.
  1. Fantastic!!!!
  2. Cj. We all know the 07 tourer will remain with you forever and a part of you. How about this one: will a day come when you shall finally sell this. If so, I am saving up for it already...
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  3. They are better colour shade than the 7th Generation they are white grey.
  4. I love those leathers CJ.
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