Project ECK20
Track Project Owned by RJF

  • Long-term track project affectionately named Project ECK20. Which as the name suggests involves dropping a K20A2 into a 1989 Civic EC9 GL.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Engine & Transmission
    • K20A2 Engine with NPQ3 Gearbox
    • Competition Clutch - Stage 1
    • Rywire Conversion Harness
    • K-Tuned K24 Sump
    • K-Tuned Shifter Cable Grommet
    • K-Tuned Shifter Cables
    • K-Tuned Rocker Cover Breather
    • K-Tuned Heater Hoses
    • K-Tuned Oil Cooler Hoses
    • K-Tuned Throttle Body Coupler
    • K-Tuned Velocity Stack
    • K-Tuned 6AN Fuel Filter
    • K-Tuned Fan Switch
    • K-Tuned Water Temp Sensor
    • Hondata KPro
    • Mishimoto EG K Swap Radiator
    • Mishimoto 12" Fan
    • Mishimoto K Swap Radiator Hoses
    • Skunk2 Alpha Series Header
    • Hasport Mounts
    • Karcepts Alternator Relocation
    • Karcepts Fuel Rail
    • AEM AFPR
    • EFi Fuel Tank
    • Custom Braided -6 Fuel Lines Throughout
    • Thermal I/M Gasket
    • Thermal T/B Gasket
    • Skunk2 Front Camber Arms
    • CR-X 1.6 16v Front Subframe with Manual Rack
    • Buddy Club RCA's
    • K-Tuned Traction Bar
    • RCrew Shifter Mounting Plate
    • 270mm Broadway Mirror
    • Custom 6 Point Roll Cage
    • Buddy Club Short Shifter
    Wheels & Brakes
    • BWR Extended Studs
    • Enkei RPF1 (15x7 ET35)
    • Toyo T1R (195/50)
    • Muteki SR48 Nuts
    • EK9 1" Master Cylinder
    • Custom Brake Lines and Fittings Throughout
    • 262mm Front Calipers
    • 242mm Rear Calipers
    • 40/40 Prop Valve
  1. Thanks guys, will attempt to keep this up to date.

    I have a build thread over on Civiclife which documents the build thus far:
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      no permission to view :/
      legend-ary, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
    2. RJF Avatar
      I think you may have to sign up... I'll get some more photos uploaded once i'm home.
      RJF, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
  2. Just the kind of project I like ! I've done a couple of these myself now.

    Please do keep up posted with updates in your Project Log
  3. Looking forward to the build updates.