The Keeper
Daily Driver Owned by JamesS

  • My second Honda after a lovely modified CL9.

    Over the moon with this DC5, just so much tighter compared with the CL9. Then with all the extra's that the CL9 lacked. Brembo calipers, LSD and Recaro's.

    Its just a complete package little car.

    Will update this properly when I have had chance to give the car a proper once over.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Purchased with Tein Coilovers, EDFC, Induction kit, and some other suspension mods.

    Service History & Related Threads

    The car has been very well looked after, I have got mountains of paperwork.
  1. Great to see another DC5 here. :Niceone:
  2. Me too I want to own one at some point. You'rs looks in top nick @JamesS :Thumbup:
  3. always wanted one of these once my accord is done will defo look at doing one nice ride thou dude
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