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  • hi all i feel now is time to add more info we are so proud of this motor just a shame the some peoples ideal of car maintenance is low but with this old girl I feel she still got heart to keep going and kick up her heals from time to time when she needs to just need handling with care will do my best to keep this updated.

    Service History & Related Threads

    • knock sensor replaced
    • oil and oil filter changed
    • air filter and coolant
    all the above done at just over 170,000
    • headlight polished up
    • all brakes ordered and will get done along with brake fluid change - job now done !!!
    • 4 falken tyres fitted
    • gearbox oil to be changed...
  1. tyres was fitted other day and apox miles 171,526
  2. proof of mileage
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  3. she will when fully restored..
    p.s. tho mrs has nick named it boggy as she not like green
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  4. Your girl is looking mighty fine for 170k! :Niceone:
  5. we had it at just over a 170,000 aprox so for piece of mind got these done.
  6. Wow grand miles