The Taxi
Daily Driver Owned by RichCRX

  • Bought this year after selling the DC2. Currently my only car.

    Usual Type-S refinements with premium sound Sat Nav system. with the rare optional 18's

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Currently sat on a set of HSD Dual tecs and a full cat back Solid fabrications 2.5 system, that's so subtle, it probably should've been standard.
  1. Looking good and stance is great :Smile:
    1. RichCRX Avatar
      She's sitting a little lower now since those pics, but not by loads and still perfectly drivable for everywhere I go and speed bumps give no real issues
      RichCRX, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
    2. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      Sitting pretty on those 18s and if is a comfortable ride too you are laughing :Smile:
      K24 CL9 GUY, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
    3. RichCRX Avatar
      Yep, I get some lows without crashing everywhere. It's fair to say I'm having my cake and eating it.
      RichCRX, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
  2. Lush photos! And great looking Type-S :Wink:
  3. Great looking and what an amazing colour. was this an option from factory? I think I have seen only one other Accord in this colour.
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    1. RichCRX Avatar
      It was a factory option. A lot of information leads it to being an EU colour, but their are a few in this colour. It's incredibly rare though, and I dare say even rarer on a facelift 2.4 ATS.
      RichCRX, Monday 6th Jun, 2016
  4. great looks
  5. Lovely colour - she looks fantastic.
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