Type-S Taxi
Daily Driver Owned by RJF

  • I fancied something I could hang onto for a few years... I had always wanted an Accord 7th Generation but had never considered the Tourer. One came up for sale while I was browsing the web and I ended up buying it a few weeks later.

    The idea behind it is that I can transport people, wheels, tools and jacks to the track when we do track days in Project ECK20, as well as being able to drive it daily.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Airbox Resonator Delete with Velocity Stack
    • BC BR Type RA Coilovers
    • Meyle HD Droplinks
    • OEM Euro R Grill
    • OEM Facelift Headlights
    • OEM Facelift Tourer Spoiler
    • OEM Accord Tailpipe Trim
    • 20% SunTek Tints
    • Rolled arches
    • 6000k HID Kit
    • CREE LED Sidelights
    • CREE LED Reverse Light
    • LED Number Plate Lights
    • XCarLink IPod/USB/AUX
    • 270mm Broadway Mirror
    Wheels & Brakes
    • Enkei NT03+M
    • Avon ZV7
    • Muteki SR35 Lug Nuts
  1. oooh I like this!!!
  2. You done it budd
  3. This looks so good! What a transformation you have made :Smile:
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    1. RJF Avatar
      Thank you sir! Chuffed with how it's coming along...
      RJF, Sunday 28th Feb, 2016
  4. Saw this on instagram.
    Stunning tourer dude. Makes me want to get one now :Smile:
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    1. RJF Avatar
      Thanks dude, much appreciated!
      RJF, Sunday 28th Feb, 2016
  5. Great looking tourer. Hopefully see it in the flesh one day as also located in Crawley. Have seen a couple tourers recently in the area but not this one.
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    2. RJF Avatar
      Fitted mine myself bud... Look up Revs of Horsham, ask for Ollie, tell him Rob sent you! He'll sort you out.
      RJF, Friday 26th Feb, 2016
    3. P11YLJ Avatar
      Just twigged who you are. Does that mean you've got rid of the 350z? Think the last time I was at a his meet it was at the body shop and you were saying if you didn't have bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all.
      P11YLJ, Saturday 27th Feb, 2016
    4. RJF Avatar
      Yeah, I sold the 350z at the beginning of last year, just wasn't for me... Rings a bell actually, I had the bumper painted 4 times in as many weeks. Do not miss that thing!
      RJF, Sunday 28th Feb, 2016
  6. Like the rims m8 they set the car off a treat
  7. great looking car.. love the stance with the suspension and to see wheels!!!
  8. A really beautiful CM2. Enjoy!
  9. That looks amazing and the stance with those lovely alloys :GiveRose:
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  10. Oh man those alloys are superb I love them, your tourer may be the first I have seen with BC coilovers they look the part. :clap::Yahoo:
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    1. RJF Avatar
      Thank you very much! I don't think i've seen them on a Tourer either, great piece of kit... :Smile:
      RJF, Saturday 13th Feb, 2016
    2. boki_cu2 Avatar
      There is something about wheels, they just flow so well on that car :Smile:
      boki_cu2, Saturday 13th Feb, 2016
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