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    This is a Honda Genuine Accessory released in 2011, below are the release notes


    Honda Access Europe has announced the launch of a new Compact Navigation system – the ideal alternative to an in-dash system, and whose award-winning design allows it to fit seamlessly with the car’s dashboard.

    Advanced specifications
    The new Compact Navigation 2.0 unit features advanced routing capabilities – including ecoRoute™ to calculate the most fuel-efficient journey – and integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free calls and to make driving more comfortable.
    The Turn-by-Turn Directions module provides spoken street names, and the Lane Assist module guides users to the proper lane for navigation. Thanks to the photo navigation module, users can navigate to “geotagged” photos of locations. The touchscreen has a classy design and is less then 1 cm thick.
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    Safety and durability
    Honda’s unique attachment bracket allows for automatic charging of the navigation system and eliminates the need for suction cups to fix the unit, which weighs in at just 113.4g, meaning no more unsightly and unwelcome marks on the inside of the windscreen.
    A special, anti-glare back to the component has been designed to reduce distracting windscreen reflections and a bracket cover reduces temptation for thieves, with the unit able to be stored away quickly and safely.
    The Honda Compact Navigation system has, naturally, been designed and built to Honda’s own demanding quality standards and thorough shake-down tests have demonstrated that it will not move or detach itself – even over the roughest terrain.
    Overview of the functionalities:
    Unit dimensions W x H x D12,2 x 7,5 x 0,89 cm
    Display resolution W x H800 x 480 pixels
    Weight113,4 g
    BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion – battery life up to 4 hours
    High-sensitivity receiverincluded
    Turn-by-turn DirectionsWith spoken street names
    Lane AssistGuides you to the proper lane for navigation
    Auto re-routeFast off-route and detour recalculation
    Choice of route setupFaster time, shorter distance, off road
    Route avoidanceAvoid highways, tolls, etc.
    City Navigator NTIncluded
    Bluetooth® wireless technologyFor hands-free calling when driving
    FM traffic compatibleReceiver and lifetime traffic available as an option
    Where am I?Find closest hospitals, police and gas stations, nearest address and intersection
    ecoRouteTMCalculates a more fuel-efficient route
    Honda Points of InterestAbility to add additional points of interest
    Photo navigationNavigate to geotagged photos
    Travel toolsWorld travel clock, currency & unit convertor, calculator, JPEG Picture viewer
    Car applicability:(as from 2010 year model cars)
    ApplicableNot Applicable
    Accord 4door & 5 doorLegend
    Civic 4 door
    Civic 3 door & 5 door
    FR-V (2009)

    As part of the 5 year free map update program for Honda Connect Garmin navigation, a new map update is now available. The map version will update this time from 2015 to 2016, this update includes street map and points of interest updates (including Honda dealer locations) New map updates will be available annually, at a similar time each year.

    The update can only be carried out via download to an internet connected computer and then uploaded to the car via a USB drive.This update should be offered to customers free of charge and should be used as a customer retention tool giving the opportunity for the customer to visit a Honda dealer.

    If a customer does not want to visit a Honda dealer to have the update done, they can also carry out the update themselves by visiting the website Honda Navigation Updates and completing the process listed there.


    The navigation update process will require you to first go to the car, then a computer and finally back to the car to complete the process.
    To perform updates you will need the following:
    • USB drive with minimum free space of 16 GB
    • Computer with Garmin Express software installed and a high-speed Internet connection
    NOTE: Garmin Express can be downloaded via a link on the website Honda Navigation Updates
    Enter the website, then having selected your appropriate country and language by clicking the button in the bottom right corner, then proceed by clicking the "Get started" button, the download link is halfway down the page.

    Update Process
    Follow the process listed below and also refer to the PDF which has more detailed step by step.

    With either the ignition on and a suitable battery maintenance charger attached or with the vehicle’s engine running and the headlights on to activate the vehicles charging system, plug the USB drive into the USB port in the vehicle and then on the Honda Connect select the navigation system and go to Settings => Device => Update Map.

    Follow the on-screen prompts and do not remove the USB drive from the USB port until the instructions informs you that “The information for your navigation system has been written to the external media".

    Launch the Garmin Express software on your computer.

    Plug the USB drive into your computer and add a new device on to Garmin Express by clicking the "+ Add a device" button.If the customers email address is known then this can be registered in Garmin Express, reminders are then sent when another update is available.
    Once the device is added, Garmin Express will verify if there is a new map update available and prompt you to install it if required.

    The map download time varies based on Internet connection speed and map region, typically 1 to 2 hours, but once the new map is downloaded onto your computer, any further updates that require the same map are quicker to download.
    Once Garmin Express has finished you can then remove the USB drive.

    Plug the USB drive back into the vehicle USB port and on the Honda Connect navigation system go to Settings => Device => Update Map. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update.
    NOTE: The map update from USB drive to vehicle will take typically 20 to 30 minutes, but may vary based on the map region.

    During this update the Honda Connect navigation system must not be turned off. Therefore either the ignition must be on and a suitable battery maintenance charger attached or the vehicle’s engine must be running and the headlights on to activate the vehicles charging system, ensuring suitable ventilation for the exhaust gases.
    NOTE: If another vehicle is to be updated with the same USB drive, then the Garmin folder should be deleted from the USB drive before starting the process again.
    PDI Map updating

    To ensure a new customer receives the latest map data when they collect their new vehicle, we recommend you check the current map version during the PDI process and if required, update to the latest available version.

    How to check what map version is installed?
    The map version can be checked in the "myMaps" menu, this can be found by opening navigation and selecting Settings => Map & Vehicle => myMaps

    For further information, how to update your Sat Nav look at the attached PDF
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