Weekend Toy 2000 HONDA Integra Type-R JDM

3rd Generation (1994-2001) vehicle added by justlooking, Sunday 20th Jan, 2013

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    cannot see as we are not registered :/
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    doh! never mind. I'm not going to repeat it all here lol.
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    haha yeah please don't however you can add a few more photos :Wink:
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    For those of you who don't want to register on ITR-DC2 to read through my build thread I have few photos taken over the [ast 5 years of ownership. work including but not restricted to:
    Initial pictures from dockside in japan
    Arrival in the UK (with black seats swapped for red)
    Gearbox Rebuild with Mfactory carbon synchromesh (2012) (Grinspeed Motorsport, Lancashire -top blokes)
    Wheel refurb (Spooner on ITR-DC2 website)
    New badges & graphics
    General restoration "deep clean" to get rid of previous owner's leftover baked-on polish - in every nook and cranny, also all the window rubbers had baked-on marks which I have managed to improve, never be as-new but much better now with a bit of elbow grease
    Caliper paint
    Cambelt change and other bits (2014) (Grinspeed Motorsport again)
    Power Steering Pump rebuild (DIY- This week!)

    58139_30_orig. 58139_31_orig. 58139_169_orig. 58139_170_orig. 58139_172_orig. 58139_CF_orig. 58139_CLS_orig. 58139_CR_orig. 58139_CRS_orig.

    KIF_0081.JPG KIF_0082.JPG KIF_0083.JPG KIF_0084.JPG KIF_0085.JPG KIF_0086.JPG
    photo2.JPG photo3.JPG photo.JPG
    S5001710.JPG S5001708.JPG S5001701.JPG S5001937.JPG
    S5000247.JPG S5000248.JPG S5000219.JPG S5000226.JPG S5000227.JPG S5000228.JPG S5000229.JPG S5000231.JPG S5000232.JPG S5000289.JPG S5000290.JPG S5000291.JPG S5000294.JPG S5000295.JPG S5000297.JPG S5000298.JPG S5000306.JPG S5000307.JPG S5000309.JPG S5000310.JPG S5000312.JPG S5000314.JPG S5000315.JPG S5000316.JPG S5000317.JPG S5000319.JPG S5000325.JPG S5000326.JPG S5000327.JPG S5000328.JPG S5000330.JPG S5000331.JPG S5000334.JPG
    WP_20140517_003. WP_20140517_004. WP_20140517_005. WP_20140517_007. WP_20140517_010. WP_20140517_013.
    WP_20140716_002. WP_20140716_003. grinspeed 2014 a.
    WP_20160329_001. WP_20160329_002. WP_20160329_003.

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    :nodding::Thumbup::shock: Wow.. this is fantastic... you really brought out the champion in that white. Great effort!! It looks like a different car to the one you bought.
    what products did you use to restore the paintwork and the black rubber seals?
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    very nice
    some great work there and finishing touches
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    Thanks, the rubber seals were a challenge but I used a normal body procedure of increasingly fine from 2500 wet and dry (very wet) down to autoglym srp. This got the worst of the muck off but hard work and LOTS of care required. Then replenished the rubbers with a liberal coating of something called "Gummi Pflege" (look it up its very good)

    Worst bit was actually the dark grey residue in the panel gaps, that needed a lot of abrasion nothing else would shift it, and my paint isn't very thick to start with lol!

    Anyway first drive of 2016 today (garaged over winter) I have a big grin on my face right now....
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Really like the way you gave this DC2 a hefty dose of TLC with a proper deep clean ! Kudos to you.

    I might just sign on to ITR-DC2 just to have a read of your full Project Log :Smile:
  11. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    @SpeedyGee is in the (ITR-DC2) house :Grin:

    Funny reading the coolant smelling of JDM pee :Laughing:

    Interesting to read that you add friction modifier to MTF3, MTF3 is pretty decent stuff, I would have thought you need to add anything to it.

    How is the Halfrauds Plastic trim paint holding up ? Like your car my JDM Edix has the same issue with UV damage to the exterior plastic trims.

    Any plans for an engine bay detail ?
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    re: coolant - it really did stink.

    I add the friction modifier as my car has an aftermarket plated LSD, not the standard Helical LSD. MTF alone isn't ideal for the plated diff but it does look after my synchromesh. I add the friction modifier as a bit of a compromise - always difficult to get the right oil combo for a plated diff in a FWD grearbox... originally when the car was imported it had the "correct" oil for the LSD (which also stank) but it had started to wear the synchros, hence the rebuild. This year I seem to have the proportion about right as the diff is much quieter than it has been, used about 4% ratio.

    And the painted scuttle trim is holding up fine - one of the best mods I've done really it made so much difference to the appearance of the car - just used plastic primer then a standard satin black - although mine is garaged for a few months a year so it doesn't get too much "weather"

    The soft trim takes a bit more care - I used abrasives which are a last resort really, mine were really badly pitted/marked and it would be easy to make them worse using the method I used. You can still see the marks up close but they're a lot better now. It was worth a go though as the factory tinted rear quarters in mine can be quite hard to get and the rubbers come attached to them, so no new rubbers without new glass.... £££

    as for the engine bay I think the only thing I'm likely to do is get the rocker cover repainted at some point - the guy who refurbed my wheels does them on an exchange basis (Spooner on the ITR DC2 site)

    tbh I don't have the patience to make the car flawless so it'll always have some "character" lol

    latest JDM fanboi tweak - genuine key which I should have got with the car but didn't, just had cut it today:

    WP_20160309_002[1]. WP_20160402_003[1].
  13. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Ah ok, yeah that would make sense.

    Ah yes, know his work well, does some cool rover covers.