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    According to this article it looks like the general release of 4G in the UK isn't going to happen until Autumn 2013 except maybe Everything Everywhere starting it up a few months earlier.

    In that case I might wait for the iPhone 6, or 7, or....
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    I'm not even 'looking forward' to this, precisely for the reason stated in that article:

    Home broadband over the phone line is always quoted as 'up to 24 Mbps' or 'up to 8 Mbps'. In reality most people get 2-4 Mbps and they're lucky if it's not intermittent. The only exception is cable service, which I am lucky to have, and I get what I pay for.

    I live pretty much right next to a 3G transmitter and have full 3G reception on my mobile. Speed test comes up with 6.17 Mbps, so 14% of the theoretical limit.

    If that will be the case with 4G, then we will get 14 Mbps providing you are located close to a 4G transmitter.

    I mean, every form of improvement is good, but it's not going to have such a huge effect. Looking at streaming HD 1080p from YouTube, it should be enough on 3G as it only requires 3-4 Mbps, but then if you try streaming it you will have it buffering anyway. But to stream proper BluRay HD version over 4G it still won't be enough.
    Quoting another article: source

    When they start delivering what they promise, only then customers will really feel the effects and it will be justifiable to pay more for new phones and tariffs. Until then, I am not bothered and will relyon Cable broadband with Wifi, and 3G for occasional internet access when I need something urgently when being out.
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    From what I understand they are already trialling 4G small areas of the country. The 4G network first needs to be put up for sale to telecom firms before anyone will start to get usage. And as we know these things always take time so I'm not surprised it will be Autumn 2013. If you want to see the true impact and potential of 4G just look to the far eastern countries. They practically skipped 3G and went straight to 4G because they were willing to pay the extra cost of investing in the 4G network. They're seeing 100 Mbps pretty much as standard on their phones.
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    If that is indeed the case then by all mean let them bring it on. Question is why was it never the case with 3G?