Electrical & Lights 8th Generation Accord tourer taillight removal procedure.

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    The 8th Generation tourer has completely new taillights with little or no reference to the outgoing 7th Generation taillights. This procedure is to highlight the correct procedure in removing the taillights without damaging the bodywork. Some owners in the past have used screwdrivers to get the taillights prised from the body causing paint damage on the rear quarter panels.

    So for owners replacing defective bulbs which are very rare on accord this guide is a life saver. This guide is also for those who have the moding bug who want to replace anything and everything from old school tungsten to LED.

    Please note customer of 2008 & 2009 may not find this procedure in the owner’s manual.

    1.Open the Tailgate for your Tourer.

    2. Remove the Bezel cover by lifting at clip (A) and slide
    trim up.


    3. Remove the two tail light retaining bolts.


    4. Mask the area around the tail light to protect the paintwork. TIP Please use good quality masking tape like 3M and ensure you have protected the entire lip area around the taillights.


    5. Wearing protective gloves, Insert the vinyl band in behind the tail light like so


    6. Pull the vinyl band towards the tail light pins.


    7. Holding both ends of the vinyl band pull the tail light away from the body.



    Where do I get hold of this vinyl band from? for the eagle eyed owners you will find this strapped on new brake disc when purchased from Honda dealers.So retain these straps as they are prefect for the job.


    On removal you find the taillight pin and their locators, and there you have it a safe removal of the taillights with no damage to the paint work.


    7thgen tourer owners .

    They do have locator pins but they are no so inaccessible as the 8th Generation. Please use masking tape whilst removing taillights but with slight tapping on the inner bezel the lights pop out due to their squarer size.

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    Just a reminder for all those planning to upgrade to LED's on your 8th Generation tourers. Make sure you remove the cluster by this method to avoid any damage to your car paint finish.
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    Last night Helen came back and said another motorist had pointed out one of rear tail light was blown. I had a look last night and found no electrical issue which caused this via HDS and both filaments on the brake bulb gone.

    So following this procedure by Honda and using the straps change both bulbs out with LEDs. Can stress the straps is a must otherwise you will damage the paint.
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