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    Honda have issued the following TSB #SO-04-002-00 dated 23-10-14 for the following models

    CR-VRE513, 14Dealer23-10-14
    CR-V I-DTECRE613, 14


    Abnormal chirping noise from the E-DPS when pulling away and manoeuvring at low speed.

    The noise occurs because the joint between the E-DPS electric drive motor shaft and the pump joint are not
    exactly aligned.


    An intermediate joint between the E-DPS motor shaft and pump shaft has been added to absorb the cyclic variations between the two parts and to reduce the noise when shaft is rotating.

    Application to Production Line
    SHSRE5***EU008879 Europe
    SHSRE5***EU210081 Russia
    SHSRE6***EU013590 Europe
    SHSRE6***EU100123 South Africa

    Market Treatment

    Repair on customer complaint only.

    Repair Method
    1. Raise the vehicle on a lift and make sure it is securely supported.
    2. Disconnect the breather pipe (A) from the pump motor breather pipe (B).
    3. Remove the harness clip (C) and the Harness bracket (D).
    4. Disconnect Rear Differential Motor Connector (A).
    5. Remove the rear differential motor pump (A) and the O-Ring (B) and discard.

    Rear Differential Motor Assembly

    1. Install the Intermediate shaft (A) into the EDPS Hydraulic Motor Housing.
    2. Install the supplied rear differential pump motor assembly (C) With the new O-Ring (B)

    3. Connect the Rear Differential Motor connector (A).


    4. Install the harness bracket (A) and the harness clip (B).
    5. Connect the Breather Hose (C) to the pump motor breather pipe (D).
    6. Carry out air bleeding of the Real Time AWD System as per WSM

    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    41013-R7L-000 MOTOR KIT, E-DPS
    Causal Part: 41200-R7W-000 CARRIER ASSY,REAR
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    @Quacker, here's your ticket to a new revised motor which purportedly solves the AWD problems. I'm flat deleting the other thread.
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    Deleting the other thread? Come off it! That is blatant censorship of an important failing on a supposedly 4WD car which isn't. Just because one or two of your moderators are in denial, yet another slags off British built Hondas at every opportunity, nobody else is allowed to point out any failing.
    What a 'forum'!

    The above 'solution' has nothing whatsoever to do with a 4WD system that doesn't and isn't capable of transmitting any useful torque to the rear wheels. Or it certainly doesn't mention it as being a solution to that problem. Who are you kidding!
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    Censorship? I removed the other thread because you and a staff member spent half a page insulting each other. I just pointed you to the solution for the issue here so a clean discussion could take place about the very issue I'm supposedly attempting to censor.

    One warning @Quacker, stop flying off the handle at everyone.

    EDIT: I just caught your edit, yes, Honda have released the fix under the guise of a noise problem. Yes, that's Honda not admitting fault, it is still the solution.
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    I'm not flying off the handle at anyone and if you left that topic up it would be obvious that I was not the one in denial and I was not the one who started insulting my driving experience and skill. That was your moderator.
    What are you going to do? Further censorship or a ban? You only want yes-men who praise Honda's every breath, apart from the mod who slags off Swindon at every opportunity of course, which is OK because he's the boss.
    So go on, ban everyone who tells it as it is if that is the kind of forum you want. I just put information on my experience, good and bad without blinkers on.
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    Guys let's not go through all this again. Stick to topic at hand.
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    You're right @Quacker, I'm censoring by pointing out that Honda had a design issue and linking to the very solution where they attempt to get around admitting the real problem and put it down to a noise issue.

    You're right, you're not in denial, you linked to a video running tests on the AWD system with VSA still enabled which limits the very thing you're attempting to point out is the problem.

    You're right, a moderator insulted your driving experience, just like you insulted his driving experience.

    You're right, I only want yes-men hence why I currently have a petition/letter going mass emailed to every member for Honda, stating all the issues we have with what they're doing lately.

    You're right, one of the staff doesn't like Swindon, and he makes the point known, you'll also notice 95% of TSBs are issues from the Swindon factory, like this very one.

    You're right, I'm going to ban you because I honestly haven't the patience for this.
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    Moving forward, one more for the trash bin.
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    It is a bit old thread but I think it is worth discussing a bit more.

    I believe that VSA off is not the best solution for all circumstances. The point I am trying to make is this. The rear differentials are open type therefore if one rear wheel is up (not touching the ground) this wheel will also absorb all rear torque if VSA off button was engaged since it is not a closed/locked type (I wish the differential had lockers).

    Having said the reverse the VSA on would use the brake force to stop the torque being sent to to the no friction tyre and this available torque would be sent to the other tyre that is on the ground. So in this occasion the VSA on is better.

    On the contrary when both rear tyres have good traction then by selecting the VSA off mode, the traction control (VSA) when the front wheels loose grip will not limit the front wheel spin and rear wheel torque transfer, unless the speed difference (pressure difference) is more than the system can handle, since if pushed above a certain amount it will engage the pressure relief valve to operate and loose rear wheel torque trasfer due to the systems pressure/torque limiter. (so in this rare case the rear wheels cannot cope with the front wheels, and the AWD system underperforms)

    I hope I have good understanding of the CR-Vs open differential system. If I am wrong please correct me.

    If somthing else (electronic device) could be used in the pressure relief valve to get more torque from the rear wheels at certain situations would be an excellent add on :Smile:. Shims under the pressure relief valve spring would give a permanent rear torque increase and this maybe not what I am after since I need a manual rear torque increase for stall situations mostly. I wish Honda will offer in the near future a rear differential upgrade with lockers and no pressure limiter for more rear toque engagement as a purchase/upgrade option. The pressure relief valve defits the reason for having a good AWD system.
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    Locking this off - your obsession with VSA/AWD is unhealthy. This particular thread does not need to be brought back from the dead again.
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