ABS light lighting on wife's 2004 SE Auto Jazz 55k miles

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2001-2008)' started by foxleys, Friday 10th Jun, 2016.

  1. foxleys Premium Member Club Supporter

    England Jersey

    ABS light has lit up on above car, the car has always been serviced by local Honda garage and all recalls have been done.

    The car is extremely reliable and runs very well.

    57k miles.

    Do I need to take the car to the garage ?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    I think it will be best to take to a garage who have access to HDS or SnapON tool. Only these tools can read the ABS errors so rather than start swapping parts like wheel sensors etc out.. best to start with proper diagnosis.
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  3. foxleys Premium Member Club Supporter

    England Jersey
    My local Honda dealer has quoted £1425 for a new ABS module, possibly more than the car is worth.

    I live in Jersey, only one Honda dealer over here.

    It is a shame as we both like this car & it runs well.

    What to do?!

    Does £1425 seem high for the module?

    Do I trust a none authorised service place ?
  4. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Well if the car was a few years old, it would have made sense but not on a car that is worth the same. Did they give you a code? I think it is worth visiting a non-authorized place, if only to get the codes read so make sure they have the capability to do so. Once you have the code, we can look into the possible causes and if it really is the module, you can probably buy a second hand one off eBay or your local breaker and get it swapped in.

    Probably not the exact part for your model but prices are not too bad: 2006 HONDA ACCORD ABS PUMP & MODULE 006-V95-145 3T24-0388 SEAE5 | eBay
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  5. foxleys Premium Member Club Supporter

    England Jersey
    Sorry, I should have said modulator, not ABS module. Is this a different part.

    Codes I was given;

    61-1 battery voltage
    53-1 ABS pump
    16-1 right rear sensor
    18-1 left rear sensor
    51-1 ABS pump

    They cleared all codes when I took it in yesterday, and ABS light went out so I left the garage, but within a quarter of a mile light came back on so I took the car straight back and they gave above codes with a quote to repair.

    We don't have any breakers yards in Jersey, possibly due to lack of space, so I'll get a local garage (non Honda) to quote.

    Many thanks for you help so far, legend-ary

    I'd be interested in your thoughts on the codes
  6. Beefy Expert Advisor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    Becoming more and more common this fault. Give BBA reman a call. They repair the ABS modulators fitted to Accords. £250 sounds a lot more reasonable. Second hand always runs the risk of getting one in the same condition. They are priced ridiculously
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  7. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Oops I just noticed, OP is talking about his wife's Jazz and not his own Accord.
    But anyhow the company mentioned by Beefy should be able sort you out as I have seen them get mentioned on forums time and again although I don't know how much it will cost you in shipping from Jersey.
  8. foxleys Premium Member Club Supporter

    England Jersey
    Due to the delay / shipping /waiting for it to be repaired etc of sending my faulty ABS modulator, we have decided to buy a 2.5 year old Milano Red Jazz EX Auto.

    After 12.5 years of excellent service we feel it time to change.

    Hope we won't regret this as it is UK built, rather than Japanese built! Pity we cannot buy Japanese built of this year.


    Pick it up tomorrow.................

    Thanks all for your help with above.
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