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    Hi All. Just hought I would start this thread to discuss the painfully uncomfortable seats in my Type-S on long journeys. Its the part leather interior and I just cam back from Edinburgh. Both journeys, there and back had me in terrible pain on my bottom. I imagine its what sciatica would feel like.

    Anyhow, before this I had the Primera GTLE with full leather interior and one could sit in it for hours without any complaint. I am considering how to sort out my problem on a tight budget. Have considered a reupholtery of my drivers seat in leather with extra padding too but it seems the price would touch half a ķ. The other option is aftermarket seats but again price unless I try to do a bodgeup by fitting other model/make seats in here but then I assume there'd be problems with airbag lights and seatbelt lights.

    So, smart people of Honda...What are your thoughts and what say you in my remedy. In particular, Zoran, I believe you drive to Europe alot... Do you ever notice any of the above probs. Thanks people and hope to hear stuff soon
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    They are the most comfortable seats ever made.. I have two 7th Generation in SE and EX SE is fabric and EX all leather and both have done over 100K miles and done very long hauls and never ever had any issues or discomfort.

    I would go and say I have never had discomfort rather its refreshing and reassuring. The upholstery has no bearing to the comfort of the seat. You may want to look in the owners manual there is a lot of good relevant information is how to get the seats positioned for your height. Use the lumbar support lever to adjust the rear support, adjust the steering reach , adjust the height of the seat .. You have loads of adjustability options to try

    Lastly get your back looked at matey say what the doc say. A seat can’t fix any underlying issues .
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    Yeah. Have tried changing to different postures. Its not the back support. Its the discomfort on the bottom. Maybe the leather version is more comfy. I drove the GT with the leathers for 7 years and not a priblem at all on long hauls
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    Naah mate leather seat do nothing its the covering the foam underneath is what makes the seat, Get a picture of your seats lets look at the side supports.
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    Done 300+ miles in one go and felt fine, the only comfier seats I've experienced are Saab 9-5 and Volvo V70. I once read a review on the 7th Generation Type-S that involved the journo driving it to John O'Groats from his London base, he was so fresh when he got their he drove straight back! Not sure what the problem can be but it's very odd!
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    They're quite comfy and I do a lot of long journeys and I am sometime more rested than after staying at a hotel. But, it depends on a day with me. Certain days I just can't get in the right position and I end up in pain. Maybe the problem lies with your posture? :Whistle:
  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I don't have a Type-S, but all 3 of my Accords have been the most comfortable cars I've ever had.
    Midlands to Glasgow or Midlands to France, no problem at all.
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    Thanks for all the input guys. Glad that their not generically uncomfy which givew me hope as I try to look after her to the beat I can. After looking at it and taking your inputs I have changed the seat position (I normally ensure I have an upright posture anyhow as its part of my job description of working in orthopeadics) to have the bottom rest raised. Also, in spec ing the bolsters, it seems the right one may be a little knackered...

    So, a new seat is in order (this seat has done around 140k (mostly motorways). So the question is. I'd really like to upgrade with some leathers from an executive model. But the issue I face is that the leathers only come with the electrics for adjustment. Would that be an option for me (would the leather seat adaptor just fit straught into my electrics harness already on the seat for ABS and seat belt light).

    Thanks again everyone and keep up the good work. Ps. CJ, soz for even suggeating that the Accord had such a critical flaw:Wassat::BavarianTractor:
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    Nels. Thanks for that mate but you're right thats its a fair distance and besides, I'd have nowhere to store it. The question remains though:

    would the full leather seat be compatible with my Type-S as the leather one comes with electric adjustments whereas mine is the standard manual adjust.

    Do you think I should make a new thread with this Q. Ta again
  11. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I don't know the answer to the seats question @redefined_cycles :Unknown:

    It would make sense to start a new thread, maybe titled 'Can you fit Leather Ex seats to a Type-S ?'
    Do remember though that not everyone signs into the site every day.
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    I with Cj on this one, I think Honda make some of the most comfortable seats going, I've done some very long distances in my Accord and never felt any discomfort. In other cars I would have got very tired and uncomfortable on those journeys. I had a Volvo long time back and after about half an hour in that my left leg would go numb. It caused me a lot of problems.

    On your question about whether the seats are upgradable, I'm not to be honest. Try using LingsHonda parts site to work out what connectors your car has an what a Exec model has.
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    Thanks speedy. Excellent advice as always. Have already moved the height of seat and will hopefully see an improvement on weekend when I go to Shropshire.
    Ps. The lpg is still going from strength to strength
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    I've got a sport with 1/2 leather I find it comfy and mines done almost 180k now, one thing I have found is when I move the seat forwards or backwards it doesn't always lock straight sometimes it's on an angle and I instantly feel uncomfortable I think something maybe worn/loose does you seat have any movement in it?

    As for upgrading to full leather, I'm just guessing here but you'd need the wiring looms, switches as well as the seats I doubt all the wiring would already be there if you can find someone breaking a full car then it would be a fairly easy swap although would take a good few hours depending on how good you are with spanners and maybe soldering iron if there's no plugs for the seat looms to plug into!