Exhaust System Advice on removing turbo

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    Hi everyone,

    I had a good price from midland turbos to fix my possibly knackered turbo.

    The only issue is I need to get it off so they can collect it? Any advice would be great, plus info on buying new gaskets possibly?

    2009 ICTDI ex
    56000 miles

    There's no access from the top so in assuming ramps on the drive. Or would you say it's not really a diy job?

    Thanks in advance
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I did a quick search for 'how to' guides and diy instructions but can't find a thing. I'm either not looking properly or it's not a diy job?

    Normally manage to find everything I need on the net but this time I can't even buy a Haynes manual.
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    It's a big job!

    The best guide I can currently post is for a Civic... Funkimunks ngESM (put 'turbo' into the search box, then select the removal link).
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    Wow, that looks like fun.

    I am assuming that it's more or less the same procedure for the CR-V. Looks like a lot of hard work.

    I was hoping I could remove the engine undercover thing, undo a few bolts and that's that.

    What a place to put the turbo. It's like they put it there intentionally so I couldn't do it.
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    Thanks tho zebster!! Your help is very much appreciated
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    It's the same on all cars these days, modern engine bays are crammed to the max. Gone are the days when you could put your legs in the engine :Grin:
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    It's so true. I have a vw Passat from 2003 and the turbo is at the front. About 2 hours and it's out. Just a matter of undoing a few things. And that's taking my time being careful.

    I found a little guide, well simple steps and it doesn't seem difficult just very time consuming. Plus filling the radiator and front differential back!!!
  9. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Cool !

    Can you post a link to the guide here please.

    Also if you go ahead, could you please take lots of pics and do a guide here please.
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    I don't suppose by any chance you changed the turbo due to a very loud turbo / wastegate chatter did you? just wondering as mines making this noise.