HVAC Air Conditioning regassing

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    My A/C is still working even though it has never been regassed but lately I've noticed a large drop off in power when I turn it on so I went to a F1 autocentre to get it filled. Unfortunately the car failed the leak test (which I'm surprised about as its still running on the original gas after 16yrs), I was told that the low pressure valve was leaking and that I had to see an air con specialist.

    I looked it up on lings and the part is £3 so I'm definitely willing to change it but is there something I'm missing as the garage:
    a) Refunded me in full
    b) Refused to fix a new low pressure valve, even if I supplied it

    So is this something I need to see an A/C specialist about?

    Also, am I right in thinking that part 15 is the low pressure valve?
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    Thanks all
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    Unfortunately, that's merely the valve cap. I'm not certain, but it looks as thought the valve itself is part of a larger assembly, part #2.
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  3. As @Zebster says, thats just the cap you are thinking of, it certainly looks like the valve is integrated into the main line, which is almost £400. If you want it working, I would get a second opinion and then find a second hand part if it was the main line.
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    You guys are right, even with HH discount there's no chance I'm buying it. There are questionable places that will fill air con with no regard to the £1000 fine (according to F1 anyway) which will be my last resort, I'll get on the phone to an air con specialist as soon as my phone is repaired (and no it's not an Android issue, I just dropped it down the stairs).
  5. Androids are better than that Apple or Blackberry rubbish anyway :Devil:. :Whistle:
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    Cough cough :wait:
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    Are you having a medical examination? :Whistle:
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    What if its just a seal on that valve that has failed or the valve cap has deteriorated, so maybe replacing that and resealing might fix the issue?
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    IIRC he said the seal had gone so hopefully an air con expert will be able to fix it.
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    Aren't the valves Schrader valves that can be changed out with out too much of a problem or expense?
    Not sure which one below is low pressure side but a quick look to see if it is the 8mm or 10mm.
    Something like:
    and the tool not positive if these are the correct ones, but could be a starting point. I do know the system cannot be under pressure when changing or you risk a valve stuck squarely in-between your eyes. :Wink:
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    Thanks for the link, I'll definitely look into it. The bloke at the A/C centre said he had removed all the gas to prevent further leaking into the atmosphere but I will definitely do a pressure test before proceeding.
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    having also watched some Eric the Car Guy videos and he states that the valve is also a shcrader valve like whats in her wheels, so should and will be easily changed.
    When I changed my AC condensor there was no gas in my system at all. what kinda condition is yours in as well @Chunkylover53
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    Mine had some gas as it was a very minor leak, they said they'll remove it but it still blows cold. I think I should be able to fix the leak myself but I need my goggles from chem class so I will fix it when I go home next month.
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    I meant your condensor mate, rather than how cold it blows, Mine now works, but it doesnt blow cold all the time as its not warm enough for the AC to work all the time, so it does alot of cycling on and off.