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    i don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but over the last few days virtually every bulletin on the BBC TV news has carried stories about air quality and how serious a health issue it is, mostly in towns. Significantly, they are laying the blame at the door of diesel engined cars. Another nail in the coffin of small diesel engines in private cars?

    Some Councils, e.g. Islington, are already imposing punitive financial levies on parking permits for diesel cars I their areas. This is on top of already unnecessarily high parking charges.


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    Yep they are now going to start punishing diesel cars, and i'm glad for it. London has really high pollution result as a result of influx of diesel cars.
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    Ban them and lower the Co2 banding for petrol cars that will do nicely. Now that will never happen.
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    Govt conned the masses by giving incentives on diesel sales and now they have taken a U-Turn and trying to put the blame of diesel cars. The blame should be on the committee that decided they should be pushed and not people who bought these cars. Car companies are there to make money by using every single means of legislation to their advantage so they gave a rat's a** what is harmful what is not. In the end its always the common man/woman whose money is wasted.
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