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    Hi guys,

    Since my car does not track perfectly straight, i am getting a alignment done.
    I have the honda sport suspension (A-spec). 08W60-SEA-600.
    Do i need different settings for a proper alignment? I know that the garage does not have any specific settings. Only the standard one.
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    You can adjust only the toe angles nothing else if you don't have an aftermarket camber kit.
    At my Honda dealer the camber will be out of specs with Honda sport suspension but i think the dealer doesn't have in the alignment tool program an option for CL9 with lower sport suspension...
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    Update: I went to get the car aligned. I went to 2 places, seems they do not have the proper alignment settings...
    When choosing the model, they selected Accord (1984-Now). I told them that i am not interested any more since they are using some old dated specs.
    The second shop chose model Accord 03-07, no year or whatever...
    After aligment, i have the same problem, the car does not track straight, while steering wheel needs to be hold about 2 degrees to left, to go straight...

    @Ichiban Can you or someone else help me with the proper alignment settings, so i can hand it over to them...
    I get the feeling that their equipment does not have the proper alignment settings for my car.
    The information underneath, I got from the topic you mentioned. I assume that is not all the info I need?
    Hope someone can help me with the proper settings.

    The factory alignment specs for all 7th Generation saloon are

    Front toe-in: 0±2 mm (0±0.08 in.)

    Rear toe-in: 2±2 mm (0.08±0.08 in.)

    Turning angle:

    Inward: 38 ° 50 ′±2 °
    Outward: 31 ° 40 ′ (reference)
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    Anyone? Maybe someone can post the settings for euro r CL7. I read somewhere that is has the A spec Suspension.
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    @legend-ary I read the topic. But it seems to be for uneven tire wear. Not for tracking of the car. And that is my problem. My car does not track straight, also I have to turn my wheel approx 2 degrees to left to go straight. You think the settings in the post are same for A spec suspension?
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    The alignment places usually adjust the steering wheel to be straight AFTER the alignment is done.

    Ignoring how the wheel looks, if you are going straight and take your hand off the wheel for a moment (safely) does the car pull to one side or just continues straight? If it continues straight it might be simple case of steering wheel not aligned straight and not because of bad alignment. Alignment places take care of this when doing the job so I'm surprised why it's not done on your car.

    I haven't been able to find an ASpec specific alignment numbers but I assumed when CJ says the settings for all Saloons, it meant with all suspension settings as it doesn't say for executive or Type-S specific.

    I'll dig a bit deeper if I can find something new.
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    @legend-ary when i take my hand of while driving, the car pulls to right. So when driving, i have to turn approx 2 degrees to go straight. I can feel a little bit resistance, like my steering wheel want to go in it straight position. But when I let it go in straight position, it will pull to right side as mentioned
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    That sounds like bad. While you wait for Confirmation why not get the default 03-07 specs done.