Body, Paint & Styling Alloy Wheels spray or powder coat

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    Hi All

    I have acquired a set of alloys for my CR-V 2005 2nd Generation (facelift) and ,after cleaning them up, thery are not in bad condition (just a 50p size paint bubbling on one spoke and a couple of light scratches) ... So what to do? Do I take them to a bodyshop for professional spraying and lacquering? Or to a wheel refurbishment place for shot blasting and powder coating? There is not that much difference in prices..
    Any advice would be appreciated
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    Powder coating is a lot more durable than paint and lacquer. Plus the shot blasting would get rid of any hidden corrosion/oxidation which would lift new paint

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    Agree! Powder coating FTW!
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    :Need Pics:

    Post some pictures up so we can see the level of damage.
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    Bought used set for mine, recently took them for a quote £200 all in for all four. That was the matt black finish which they said was best. But they also mentioned having them rapped which they didn't do so no idea of price but sounds interesting as the skys the limit with that.
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    Hi all
    Pictures enclosed
    A bit of corrosion on one wheel and a scuff on another
    JR image. image.
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    Thats surface only, just below level of paint. That will rub back just fine and be painted back over but if you are wanting to do them all anyway, then powder coat them for sure.