Article: 8th Generation Honda Accord Parking Heaters

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    This is a new accessories which has come to surface with the advent of the facelift or the model revision 8th Generation Accord 2012 model.

    Parking heaters have been around in European cars for a long time and they do have their advantages and offer owners the comfort and car preset to a temperature setting of their choice via a remote fob.
    However Honda for the first time have featured this handy little device for the Accord owners.

    The advantages of the hydronic car heating system
    • The car is warm when you get into it and comfortable interior
    • The owner never have to scrape ice again from your windscreen! The Parking Heater defrosts and demists your windscreen, which adds to safer driving.
    • A Parking Heater helps to protect the environment and your engine: no more damaging cold starts.
    • This protects the engine and reduces component wear. A pre-warmed motor also emits fewer noxious emissions on start-up.
    The only negatives higher fuel consumption to get heater going at the preset intervals, which is not to bad when you live in sub zero environment. I would class that as a fair trade off.

    Complete and detailed information regarding this accessory is limited at the moment but we have some Images courtesy of Honda Access Europe.

    The device are made by Eberspacher and are called Eberspacher Hydronic according to their website it work,as soon as the heater receives its starting pulse, the following processes are triggered by the central control unit:
    • Automatic safety check.
    • The glow plug is warmed up
    • The metering pump conveys fuel
    • The burner motor starts smoothly
    • The fan delivers combustion air
    • Fuel-air mixture ignites (flame formation)
    • The hot combustion gases flow through the heat exchanger that delivers the heat to the coolant system of the vehicle's engine.
    • The heater is controlled electronically and works - according to heat requirement - in several power stage
    As shown in this illustration


    The car owner can operate this heater via the remote control fob.

    It has the following features

    Remote control with display, feedback and integrated timer:
    It has Memory for 3 heating times in 7 days.
    Automatic heating time calculation.
    Heating time programmable between 10 and 120 minutes.
    With feedback function: successful data transfer / Parking Heater status.
    It can Works within a range of 1.000 m.

    As you can see clearly this device will requires some major work to be fitted at the dealers with nearly a entire days of fitting and commissioning this device, I can estimate this device will not be expensive nor will the fitting charges.
    With no sight of this much touted cold winter as of yet this can be a hard sell for Honda in the UK,

    If members would like to make enquires these are following Honda Part numbers

    Parking Heater Remote Control:- Honda Part Number 08T30-0L6-100

    Parking Heater for 2.4 Accord:- Honda Part Number 08T30-0L6-100D

    Parking Heater Attachment :- Honda Part Number 08T31-TL0-100D

    Please consult you local Honda dealer for your specific car and specification.
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    Anyone here who have done the installation of a parking heater system, og maybe a webasto on a 2009+ Accord?
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    Or maybe an electric one which is mains powered! ie either of these.

    Search products - Cars - Calix

    DEFA / Find your engine heater

    I expect that they may be the same just different suppliers as they are Swedish. As most of us would be at home or near a mains outlet it may be a better option, and while we are at it how about heated washer jets and water!


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    Im looking for someone who can tell me, which wires I have to find and connect from the car. I can not find any wiring diagram.

    I think the electric Defa is a stand alone system.
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    Good when they work, look at any boating forum type in eber!! and read the reports most indicate they are PIA.
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    No. Maybe I was not clear enough.
    I want to install a webasto or eberspaecher, oil burner, but I have no idea which wires to connect to the climatecontrol.

    The electrical block heater is not an option for me.
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    There is no instructions on Honda repository for these I wonder how many of these Eberspacher kits were ever fitted. I suspect a handful they never took off.