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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by imho, Wednesday 27th Jan, 2016.

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    Hi Everybody!
    Just bought my 2005 Accord Tourer Executive I-CTDI two weeks ago and so far so good.
    It has 140000 miles in the clock but has quite comprehensive service history and it was dead cheap.
    Before I start to use my cars I tend to complete some basic maintenance DIY stuff such as replacing fluids and filters including fuel,oil, air and pollen. I already replaced the fuel filter (yes with the right Bosch filter) cleaned the EGR and the intake manifold. Due to the dreadful weather here in the South the engine oil (lubetech fully synt 0w30) and gearbox fluid (Fuchs Titan race 75 srg) change must wait.
    I know I should only use Honda MTF 3 but I already had 3 l of the Titan stuff and Opie Oil says it should be all right.
    I am currently waiting for the 5 point star thingy to arrive to take out and clean the MAF sensor and for the rear poly ARB bushes as it knocks a bit.
    You must sussed it out by now that English is not my first language (Hungarian), so please forgive me if I make mistakes.
    Oh and I cleaned the lens of the satnav`s dvd-rom and it works now so yay!
    That`s all for now and thanks for having me in!
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    Hello and welcome to HK.
    Good to hear that you have been busy with the car. With a little attention these cars will go on for ages
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @imho :welcome:

    Be great to see some pictures of your Accord, so :garage:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma :Hey:

    Good to see you are really looking after her already.
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    Welcome to HK @imho :Hey:
    Great to see you're giving your Accord the attention she deserves. :GoodJob:
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    England CJ Leeds