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    Hello all,

    I've just bought a 2004 Honda Accord Tourer which I am absolutely delighted with. Thought it would be a good idea to join an Accord Forum (and you guys seem to be the most popular forum on the web!). With a new born on it's way and a impending house move, I decided the ultra reliable and huge Accord Tourer would be my best option (also looked at Audi A6 Avant, Mercedes E Class Estate and Volvo V70 Estate - the Accord was by far the best value for money). This is a brief overview of my car:

    2004/04 Honda Accord Tourer 2.0 Exec Auto - Mid Grey (not sure what it's called) - Done 101k miles

    I have a few questions if possible:

    1. The front headlights are really misty/cloudy - is this normal? Will this fail an MOT? Are they quite easy to replace/rectify? And does anyone have a spare set of headlights they no longer need or to sell so I can replace these?
    2. I've noticed that when driving on the motorway at 80mph, the car veers from left to right slightly, almost as though it doesn't want to go straight and I need to hold the steering wheel tight to ensure it goes straight. Is this normal for an Accord Tourer? I've driven a saloon before, and it didn't feel like this.
    3. When you open the tailgate manually from outside (with the lever), is it supposed to open manually (as it currently does) or is it supposed to open automatically (i.e. the elec tailgate)? Seems to open electronically when opened using the key button though.
    4. I've also noticed that it looks like the tailgate doesn't shut completely on the right hand side, almost as though it sticks out by 4mm - is there a way to adjust this?
    4. It's missing a load area cover - anyone got a spare one they don't need or would like to sell?
    5. Oddly, it's had a brand new complete exhaust system including the CAT a few thousand miles ago. However, it sounds quite "boomy" and a little loud compared to most other cars, even though it's an original exhaust system. Is this normal for a 2.0 tourer?

    Apologies for the whole load of questions. I'm quite a newbie to Honda's and any advice/thoughts would be very much appreciated!
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    Hello @Adnan_4116 and welcome to HK! :gohonda:Congratulations on your new purchase as these Accord Tourers are fantastic vehicles with boot load of space :Grin:
    Why not add your car to the club garage as it will allow us to see exact specs of your car so you don't have to explain each and everytime plus it will give you a centralized space to document your work on the car:

    Some of your issues are very well documented on the forum so have a bit of look around and search for these and I am sure you will find plenty of material but incase you can't find the answers, our helpful members will be able to guide you.

    1. A lot of modern cars get cloudy headlights due to them being plastic and UV light damaging the UV coatings.. you can buy Headlight polishing kits which can give you amazing results. Regarding misting, if you mean condensation inside, some members used silica bags behind the headlights but inside the rubber boot to get rid of them.
    2. Sounds like bad alignment. have a look at all the tyres and see if they are worn equally throughout the breadth. It is always a good idea to get Hunter wheel alignment done as it will highlight any issues with suspension such as worn bushes etc.
    3. On these tailgates apparently the motor clutch can start to fail. Have a read of this thread:
    4. Could be a number of things.. hard to tell without seeing it. Possible to post a photo. Look for any damage around the tailgate area maybe it is just misaligned.
    4(5?) I can see that you have already asked for this from a member who is breaking their car but you can always check eBay as well.
    5. I will leave this for other to reply as I cannot think of why that would happen if it is an original exhaust.

    Oh and best of luck with your house move and hopefully the newborn arrives safe and sound :hondababy:.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Adnan_4116 :Hey:

    I think @legend-ary has covered your other points off quite well, so this just leaves this one :-

    Are you sure it was an original system ? Also it's odd that the Cat was replaced !!??

    It is quite puzzling, I can only think that the previous owner only did short journeys which lead to the demise of the original system and perhaps started having an effect on this new system too :Unknown:
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    Some early PFL Accords headlight units weren't sealed correctly. This lead to water ingress. If the amount of water is small, then silica gel bags should clear the condensation. However, there is a significant space/well at the bottom of the headlight where water can collect. You cannot see this unless you remove the unit. Honda were repairing/replacing these but not any more. Due to this issue, more headlight units were made. As time has past, the price has come down, so genuine Honda units are as cheap as aftermarket ones. You may not need to change yours, but at least you are aware of the possibilities.
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    United Kingdom Adnan Acton, London
    Thank you for such a quick response and such a warm welcome. Really appreciated!

    I've had a look at the headlight polishing kits online - will give this a try this weekend. Basically the headlights are very cloudy on the outside, almost blurry, but the polishing kit will be tried later this week. Doesn't seem to be any condensation inside, just purely cloudy/blurry on the front of the headlights - almost like a rough surface. There's lots of things online which state that toothpaste does the same trick apparently?!?! I'm not so sure about it, but I may give that a try too. Anyone ever tried this?

    I'll get the wheel alignment done this weekend too. Thanks for your thoughts on this. However, the tyres have no uneven wear at all.

    With regards to the tailgate issue, it works perfectly with the key fob (both opening and closing), however it doesn't open electronically when you pull the lever tailgate catch from outside. However, the button on the tailgate does close it electronically. So my question is, is the tailgate supposed to open electronically when you pull the lever from outside? Or is that manual only unless you use the key fob?

    I think you're right about the tailgate being misaligned. Will try and post a photo in the next few days. I know you can adjust bonnets on cars by turning a rubber thingy (thats my technical term), but not sure if I can do the same with the tailgate. Again, I'll have a look at this.

    Exhaust issue - The chap who had it before me only did 3k miles a year in the past 4 years! So, you're probably right about the owner doing short journeys. According to the documentation/invoices I have, the complete exhaust system including the CAT was replaced with an original Honda one (which has barely done a few thousand miles). Just sounds quite loud for a car like this, but I'm not sure if this is normal. When idling, it sounds fine, but when you put your foot down, it almost sounds like a stainless steel box (like a boy racer kinda thing - which I absolutely hate!). Looking at the MOT history, this is what was stated on the MOT when the exhaust was done:

    Exhaust emissions Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (7.3.D.3) - This was an MOT failure
    Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2) - This was an MOT advisory

    And for this reason, the chap decided to or was told to replace the entire exhaust system?!? Sounds rather daft to me. Nonetheless, I think I'll get it booked into a workshop so they can put it on a ramp and check the exhaust system.

    Oh, I have another question for you. One of the rear bulbs are not working and I have no idea how to access it. Basically, not the ones on the tailgate itself, but the ones on the outer sides (when you put your dipped/main lights on). Can anyone advise how I can get access to the bulb to replace it?

    Once again, a huge thank you to all the responses so far. Looks like I will be on here quite often!
  6. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    I have tried it on my previous Yaris. It kind of makes it better (I would say 30-40%) but because its abrasive, it takes away the top layer a bit but if you don't put any protection on, the headlight will turn cloudy once again. A lot of these kits come with sealants which protect them in future.. If you are brave you can also have a go with sandpaper method but it is not for the faint hearted but it gives you great results.
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    Hi Welcome to the wonderful world of the accord.
    I have two young kids and these really do make perfect family cars as well as being great fun to drive. Loads of room inside to carry everything.. why people opt for people carriers (vans) is beyond me LOL.

    With regard to the tailgate issue... the answer is no, if you open it manually from the outside it reverts to being a manual open closer tailgate. it only works automatically when using the key fob

    But you will love the auto function when its cold wet and you have a young child and 78 bags of shopping to get in the boot. No more fumbling around trying to unlock the boot, just press the button.. its a god send!!

    They are great cars an very reliable, my 2004 tourer 2.4 took me to paris and back and was a complete pleasure to drive.

    Enjoy and stay on the forum for loads of good tips and other things.
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    Have a look at ur compliance bushes, as they can cause similar issue.. u get vague steering on motorway or uneven road surfaces, feels like the car's wandering from one side to the other
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    Not sure about tooth paste but on my old focus I tried some very fine wet sandpaper think it was about 1000 grit and then some metallic t cut (assumed it would be less abrasive than the normal t cut and already has some lol) and they came up a treat, like legend-ary says though it wouldn't offer them any protection, although I didn't have to redo mine again in the year or so I had it after. Did take a fair bit of elbow grease and a electric polisher though...mainly the electric polisher lol
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    Tried the toothpaste idea yesterday, it worked slightly and has made the headlamps a tad better. But i think I will be using the electric polisher with some T Cut or some G3 Compound or something at the weekend.

    Also found out that the exhaust has been replaced by a NON GENUINE exhaust, hence why it sounds quite throaty/boomy/louder than the standard exhaust. It's not great as when you put your foot down, it's louder than a normal exhaust and I definitely do not want to sound like a boy racer or anything. Do you guys reckon it's worthwhile replacing the back box with an original one? Or get one from a breaking Honda (is this a bad idea to use a used exhaust)? Or shall I just leave it as it is as it's fairly new and get used to it?

    The vague steering issue ended up being low tyre pressures all round. No consistency at all. Some were as low as 20psi, and others were around 25psi. Steering seems to be much better now that the tyre pressures are spot on. I'll keep an eye on this, otherwise will get the "compliance bushes" sorted out.

    Has anyone got a spare set of carpet mats for the Tourer? Not fussed on condition, just need it for the practicality.

    And will a cracked front fog light pass or fail an MOT?

    Many thanks once again for all your responses!!
  11. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Glad to hear that you have sorted the vague steering issue.. regarding mats, you can check the for sale section as someone might be breaking a car over there.
    MOT is not bothered about cracked fog lamp I think.
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    Got this doing nothing


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    Hi John, is that just a single headlamp or have you got both by any chance? Either way, how much would you like for it/them or do you just want to get rid of them? Waltham Abbey is only about 45 mins away from me (on a Sunday morning!), so collection is fairly easy for me.

    I'm also considering changing the standard 16" wheels to something a little bigger/smarter. They seem so small for a car of this size. Not really sure what wheels to get, but prefer them to be original Honda ones. I like the Epsilon wheels (i think thats what they are called) and the Penta's. Any suggestions or anyone have a set they want to get rid of?
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    just the nearside have other bits and pieces **** Private phone number removed ****

    @John Hamer please use PM's for this, as per Club Rules. It is to protect you.
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    It NP for us, but anything on here is visible on the net. PPI'ers would just love it. :Fear: