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    So.. does anyone use any particular budgeting tool or calculator / App for their budget (!?)

    We get paid by the hour but the pay doesn't come monthly.. instead we get paid 2nd week of the month (unless it has been less than 8 working days then we would be paid on 3rd week.) and one final payment at the end of the month. All this means some bills fall with in first payment weeks and sometimes in the 2nd pay day..

    Trouble is most bills come in starting of the month and money has to be allocated from the pay that was paid during mid month to pay all bills.. Add the fact that my income varies according to the hours of overtime etc so its like a spaghetti..

    I have got a crazy Excel sheet which I use to track everything but it is getting out of hand and was thinking if there is tested way of keeping things in check?
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    employ a book keeper :Whistle:
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    For home budgeting excel is probably the best thing to use. Financial packages are just going to end up eating into your honda driving time and a bookkeeper is going to eat into your honda budget lol
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    Might be worth hunting down some pre made excel sheet with some macro functions.
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    I get a monthly allowance. But then I am a stay at home dad