Exhaust System Calling all CU2 owners for Exhaust Suggestions

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    As the title says I need some help from accord CU2 owners.

    My dilemma: for some time now I have been considering upgrading the exhaust system on my CU1. I have thought about the custom made route but they are either to cheap and the workman ship isn't very good or they are too expensive. Then I thought about getting a CAT back system but there are hardly any options for the CU1. Unlike the CU2 there are quite a few options. So then I started thinking would an exhaust for a CU2 fit on to a CU1.

    So for a while I have been asking various people if they knew the answer to this question. Many people haven't got a clue, some people have said no and only a few have said yes.

    The only difference that I can see is that the CU1 doesn't have the exhaust hangers on the left hand side as it is a single tail pipe design. I have looked at pics online and exhaust diagrams and the shape, size and bends look the same. I then contacted Hond-r and they said it is a similar case to that of the 7th Generation CL7/CL9. Apparently the exhausts are the same but one lacks the exhaust hangers to mount the second back box.

    So with this is in mind I came across a company called Bastuck (HOME | BASTUCK & Co GmbH - Edel. Stahl. Stark. who produce a dual exhaust system which they say fits both the CU1 and CU2. But for it to fit the CU1 they sell with the kit two mounting brackets to fit the 2nd (left hand) back box.

    At the moment I am still waiting to hear back from them as to how these are mounted to the underside of the car ? Bolted or welded. Once I have the answer I plan on purchasing the Fujitsubo legalis-R for the CU2.

    So finally my original question is would the CU2 owners on this forum be able to take pics of the exhaust hanger mounting points for the rear left back box and post them on here. So hen I know where to position them to fit the Fujitsubo exhaust.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    @boki_cu2 fitted Legalis on his CU2.
    He might be able to give you an answer to your question.
    I could take a pic for you on my CU2 but not before this weekend and if i am off.
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    Thanks very much. Would really really appreciate it if you could take pics. Just need pics of were the rear passengers side mounts are welded/located to the chassis of the car.
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    I am away all week but if i go back home this weekend I'll do it.
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    Fujitsubo has a mount where resonator is then 2 mounts on left and right hand side.
    One is at rear of muffler and one at front.
    Can you show me cu1 mount points?
    Pics bellow.
    And stock
    Hope it helps.
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    Yeah that's a great help. But I need the actual mounting points that the rubber hangers attach to under the car that the rear left back box attaches to. As on my cu1 it obviously doesn't have them so need to know where to attach the beackets.
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    Spain stu lanzarote
    I know your dilemma but I guess it depends on what you call expensive and how long your going to keep your car. I was quoted £450 for a custom stainless for my CR-V . slightly more than double mild steel but is guaranteed for life.
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    United Kingdom Jim mytown
    He has a CU1 (8th Generation 2.0 saloon) and, for several reasons, wants to fit a CU2 exhaust (8th Generation 2.4 saloon)
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    It's really awkward to get a proper picture without jacking the car up or getting it on the ramp.
    This pics does not show what you really want to see but got no time to jack the car up.

    20160227_170849. 20160227_170933.

    Around Easter i need to flush brake fluid and car will be jacked up with wheels off then i can take some better pics that make sense.
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    That's ok, thanks a lot though really appreciate it. I'm hoping I will get exhaust by easter weekend so won't fit it till then any way. Look forward to the other pics.
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    United Kingdom Jim mytown
    looks similar to the 7th Generation