Engine & Gearbox Car shudders on start up & turn off

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by goonerfromlag, Saturday 21st Jul, 2012.

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    Hello peeps, my new to me 57 plate cdti shudders when I start it or turn it off. It is much more noticeable on starting it up. Depressing the clutch makes no difference. I can also feel some vibration/slight tremor when idling and below 1500 revs. Should I be worried or am I being unrealistic as this is my first diesel car? Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Car shudders on start up & turn off

    Do you let the glow plug light go out?
    Mine will normally start straight away without waiting, but occasionally it won't.
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    Re: Car shudders on start up & turn off

    Thanks, it's not that, starts all the time whether I wait for the light to go out or not. Just shakes/shudders at start up and turn off.
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    Hope not, I'd like to think it's worn engine mounts as I get no other symptoms.
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    How many miles have you got on the car, any remaps ?
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    62.5k at the moment, no remaps, thanks.
  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I cannot see the DMF causing this , just check the acoustic engine cover is held on securely with all the rubber mounts present and correctly in place. Checking for missing washers too. I have seen engine making all sorts of racket when the cover not on securely.
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    I would expect a DMF to cause shuddering while driving and changing gear as well, not just on start-up or stopping.

    My first thought was engine mounts too. But 62.5k does possibly seem a little premature for that, but that's personally what l'd start with.
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    Thanks guys, will have a look-see, does anyone know of a well recommend indie garage in london/essex/cambridge?
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    As this is your first diesel it could just be the difference in engine. If you get a chance why not take a short video clip and upload it. Either that or find another Accord and compare noises :Smile:
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    Thougth I'd update this instead of a new thread, my steering wheel pulses back at me when I turn it a quarter way round whilst engine idles. What does this signify? Thanks for your input.
  13. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    can't say without looking at it maybe , CV joints?
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    Thanks, got it booked for a diagnosis at honda cambridge, wary of them just plugging into an OBD reader and then telling me it's fine becos it's got no error
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    Mechanical noises and vibration will not record any DTC on the ECU,any electrical device which talks to the ECU or the multiplexers will log DTC's when a problem is detected.

    Potentially the technician picks up some cure during the VHC (Vehicle Health Check)

    anyone tells you otherwise run :Whistle:
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    If it does this whilst not moving, it's just the power steering pump. Mine does this a bit. I think it is due to pressure fluctuations caused by the friction of turning the wheels without moving.
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    Thanks guys, I'm awaiting the results of my 'diagnosis' at the moment, apparently the 'vehicle health check' happens evertime a customer's vehicle is looked at.
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    Surprisingly the technician didn't find anything wrong that might be the cause of said shudder, though only charged me £12 for the priviledge. Got my fuel filter changed at the same time. I'll be taking it in to Holdcroft Honda this weekend for them to have a look at it.
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    I have a slight shudder when starting/ shutting off the engine since .. I can remember. I guess if it was DMF then I'd be seeing it getting a lot worse. Done almost 90k and no change. Unless it's really rough I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    Thanks, thing this is mine isn't slight, particularly first time in the morning.