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    Hello guys!
    Nice to meet you all.
    I have to apologise because maybe I shouldn't be here at all because I don't have or drive a honda yet but I am planning to get one so that's why I'm here.
    To ask for some advices or some guidance.
    Couple of weeks ago, I've drive tested a very nice honda Civic and since then I'm only thinking on getting one for myself.
    I've heard they are pretty reliable but is that true? And how about the parts. Are they affordable to buy? Or, because they're import cars, the prices will be more expansive comparing to a ford or a vauxhall?
    I mean, I love this car but I just need some advices,
    I would like to go for the 1.8 petrol. I've found one at one of these dealer shop and I am planning to go and see it.
    So any advice will be more than welcome.
    Thank you guys
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @paDRE :Hey:

    No need to apologise, it's perfectly normal for people to join up and seek advice on what to buy next.

    Honda's of course have a solid reliability record, especially petrol Hondas.

    Prices shouldn't be that much different compared to your average car. Parts are readily available but as the cars are reliable its not too often you have worry about parts.

    Sounds like you are looking at getting an 8th Generation Civic (kinda egg shaped one), if you have look at the 8th Generation Civic section, you'll see there's only 5 pages of threads and even then most of those 5 pages aren't taken up by issues or faults but mostly by brochure and bulletins etc ! So hardly anyone complaining of faults and issues at all.

    Have a look for yourself Generation-2006-2011/
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    United Kingdom DRE Barnsley
    Thank you very much, @SpeedGee.
    Yes, you're right. 8th generation is the one I'm looking for..
    I'm planning to see one today from one of these dealers and hopefuly, I might gonna drive it home.
    When checking it overthere, what should I be careful with? What to check first? Or should I just go there and thrust the dealer's word?
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    Hello @paDRE and welcome to HK.
    8th Gens are fantastic vehicles and I personally love the look of them.
    I think they were recalled once to cure noise/bangs in the rear suspension so make sure you drive over variety of surfaces and have a listen for any strange noises. Depending on the the trim some of them have quite a lot of equipment so make sure all electronics work such as heated seats. sat nav etc etc. Engines are pretty damn reliable as long as oil has been changed regularly so have a look at the service book.

    Check out the car but don't set yourself onto buying that particular one if you feel something is wrong as there are 1000s for sale. Take a few pics and make some notes on what you felt and share with us so we can guide you better.

    Good luck.
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    Cheers guys and thank you for your help. I was planning to have a look at one of these Hondas but I hesitated to go today or Monday and now, the advert in auto trader expired. I feel shit about it because that one it was pretty nice, with pan roof and other stuff but now, I just have to wait for another.
    I will consider your advices and will try to get myself a good car. Let's be honest, we're talking about a 10 year car so I expect not to be like brand new but I just hope to find one with no major issues and for good money as well.
    Thank you and I will get back to you the same day I will buy it. Hope will be soon.
    Thanks again and have a great weekend.
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    Good evening!
    Yesterday, I've became the happy owner of a honda Civic. After I've seen a black and pan roofed one which had some issues with brakes and ABS, I've get to second one who became mine.
    O6 plate, 128k mikes, 1 owner, full service history, AC, and stuff.
    Very nice to drive, looks like star wars spaceship.
    The trunk is not opening because I need to change that part (don't know how you call it). I will have to look for it on scrapyard.
    In rest, very very nice. Every time I drive it feels like I'm living a dream. My dream.
    The only issue I'm concerned about is that I won't mistake 6th gear with Reverse. Other cars I've had used to have like a safety button which you should press to be able to get into reverse.
    I was driving on highway but I had to pull over and stop the car to see which is 6th and the reverse. But every time I'm going onto the 6th gear I have doubts. I do not want, under any circumstances to **** the gearbox.
    So now, I'm very happy with the car but I also have to thank you guys for your time and support.
    I've added some photos. I hope you like it too.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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    Nice car and welcome dude.
  8. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Fantastic lookin space ship you got there @paDRE .
    I believe Honda gearboxes like many others have a safety mechanism which makes sure you cannot go into reverse accidentally. Its already hard enough to get into reverse when the car is barely moving without crunching gear as reverse has no syncro so I doubt you can actually go into reverse instead of 6th by mistake plus you will get used to it in no time.
    I actually hate gearsticks with buttons like the one on Vaxhaull.
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  10. Welcome to HK @paDRE and welcome to the world of Honda :gohonda:

    Glad you chose a Honda above the other options like Ford and Vauxhall - a Honda is in a completely different league to those cars. :mosh:

    She looks fantastic, lovely colour too

    If you ever need any advice, just ask, plenty of experienced people here to advise you should you need it
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    Hello, guys and thank you a lot for your support.
    I am very happy with the car. I love the interior, the dashboard and it really drives fantastic.
    Even the colour, it is my favourite, aldo had doubts about getting it because when buying a second hand car, you have to choose it because good condition and not according to your favourit colour.
    But what should I say? I drove it the first night after I brought it and I had my fantastic girl with me, I was driving this fantastic car so I thought I am living a dream. The best dream.
    Now, looking at the other compact cars which I have been used to see and drive already (ford focus, Vw golf, Renault megane) and comparing those ones with the Civic, I have no doubts this one is out of her league.
    My plans for the next week are to change the oil and filters and get some fog lights which are missing and maybe the timing belt kit for the next month. By the way, does it has a belt or chain?
    And for the next years, I am thinking about a small project like some interior LEDs, new gun metal or black 17' alloys(like I used to have on my astra) and coilovers to lower it.
    I've added a photo with one of the grey hondas I like pretty much. You might know it.
    By the way.. Are you guys organising some kind of monthly or annual meetings? I would like to meet and know you all.
    Thanks guys I hope you'll have a great weekend.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Another set of wheels which I really love.

    FB_IMG_1455220641855. FB_IMG_1453064695388~2. FB_IMG_1455385864472. Screenshot_2016-02-13-17-54-44.