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    So A few of you know that I recently purchased some genuine alloys for my Jazz for a very good price that was with in my budget. They are nice and clean on the outside but inside is another story. As a few of you have already advised that Iron X will be the best solution to cleaning however
    1. Iron X is quite expensive (~£15+) and
    2. the more I read into it the clearer it becomes that Iron X is kind of a finishing off product and the condition that my wheels are in, I might need quite a lot of it so I thought maybe I do the heavy duty lifting with a cheaper product first.

    I would like to not spend too much cleaning them up as I bought the full set for well under £100. I have washed them up and used a cheap Triple QX wheel cleaner I had at hand and atleast that washed away all the dirt,grime and alot of brake dust however these baked on contaminants on the inside of wheels are still there.

    File 11-04-2016, 3 16 31 pm.


    IMG_0797.JPG IMG_0798.JPG IMG_0799.JPG IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0803.JPG

    I mean what is this stuff?

    There are some cheaper products mentioned on detailing world such as

    a. Bilberry Safe Alloy Wheel Cleaner £10

    b. Generic Iron Contaminate Remover £8 which is apparently Autosmart Wheel Cleaner

    c. Wonder Wheels from CarPlan at ASDA £5 and has decent review on Detailing World.

    What do you guys think?

    @wanner69 I know you work with top stuff but can you advise of a budget product if possible?
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    Autosmart Fallout remover has some pretty good reviews I'll let you know how it goes when I receive my order. If you have access to a good air compressor its pretty easy, cheap and effective to make a soda blaster. I've done in the past and had pretty good results youtube for ideas on a 'ghetto' setup.

    Have you rang around to see what kind of money people are looking at for a proper clean and basic refurbishment, it might be worth all the headache of diy.
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    call me mad but I'm sure if you leave them to soak in a mixture of treacle and water it gets a lot of the heavy stuff off..
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    my bad,, that's ror rust on steel wheels
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    I can't even figure out what it is although I should add that when I was washing them there were tiny pieces of like road Tarmac stuck on them. Strangely though the front of them are like mint.

    I'll give one of these a try and if not then I'll just put them on until I have the budget to get them professionally cleaned.
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    Have you tried a steam pressure washer?
    Heat and high pressure can shift a lot of stuff that even chemicals struggle to move.
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    I haven't actually. However I took the wheels to a local body shop which does some creative work for us and they said it is corrosion and the only way to get rid of it would be sand it down and then apply lacquer. Because of what the wheels costed me he was like if they got this bad in 13 years, unless you are planning to keep your car for a long, forget about fixing it on a budget. so that is what i did :Grin: the faces are good so for now I am ok and once I have saved up, I will ask them to tackle them.
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    ^^I'd agree @legend-ary - no point spending too much, especially as a brand new set are available for (*only*) £200, albeit without tyres.

    As it is just the back of the wheels that is the main issue, I'd suggest your approach of improvement rather than perfection is perfect, especially given the feedback from the local bodyshop. After all, who looks at the back of the wheels (well, I do, but that's the OCD!).

    I'd just use some cheap - generic - wheel cleaner, and concentrate on the front of them with a couple of good coats of wheel wax to make sure the important part stays nice and shiny and protected.

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    That is some good price. considering that everything on the fleabay is above £200 I think I did quite well at sub £100

    I am quite OCD too but within reason as refurb will cost 25% of the car's value :Grin: I still plan to do something about it in due course so been eyeing Bilberry wheel cleaner as it is cheap and seems to be quite good. I have put them on now and love how it has transformed the look... Katto | Page 10 (Jazz/2nd Generation - )
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    :Wink: we know @Nels its ok :nodding:.. haha
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    1Liter for £12.90 is not bad.. thanks for that. might as well order their clay too if I am going to pay for shipping
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    If you go for their clay, go for the 'soft' version as it is easier to use. I personally prefer the original, but aware I am in a minority!
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    so not regular but soft. :Niceone:thanks for the advice :Smile:
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    Demo videos for their alloy wheel cleaner. I've been using this for 3-4 years now, and it really is this easy! With a bit of agitation if they are very dirty, it's the best I've ever used - and I've used quite a few over the years...

    I don't use a pressure washer either, just a normal hose on a 'jet' setting.
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  17. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    You could rub down the backs with some wet'n'dry, grey primer (silver base coat if wanted) and then clear lacquer.

    It will transform the look and be much easier to keep clean. Just remember to wax them before you put them back on.
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    ^^ Perhaps 'medium' grade on reflection as the car hasn't been clayed before. I use regular, but really should use soft as the paintwork is as new - but then I only do it once a year.
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    yes Nels that is what the bodyshop said that the cheapest way to clean them would be to sand them well and either lacquer directly or as you said a grey base coat before the lacquer. That sounds like a good DIY solution as the inside don't need to be in spectacular condition considering that living in a flat means I don't even have access to a water hose.

    haha however I have actually found a small leaky rubber pipe behind a warehouse that was pinched using steel clamps and zip ties so i took them off, washed the wheels before anyone could notice and clamped it all back together.
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    Bit late to the party, but they look like my winters are/were on the rear faces.

    Managed to at least get the muck off (which may help make sanding easier) by hitting them with wonder wheels, auto finesse tar remover and clay:

    Those chemicals are pretty heavy duty though and rinsing thoroughly is necessary quite often, if you need a water supply with a bit more pressure perhaps a pump sprayer could be a portable solution?

    Will have to sand mine at some point so do keep us posted if you go down that route, interested to get a few pointers!
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