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    Hi all you Legend owners out there,

    Over the 18 months I have had my car, I have found some little things that leave me in awe...I'm sure there are lots more that other people have discovered which I would like to know if anyone knows. The following is what I have discovered so far

    1) Auto crank - When I have turned the key in the ignition in previous cars I have owned, you normally have to keep it turned until the car starts. In the Legend, I have found that you just turn the key and let go, and it cranks the engine itself till it starts!
    2) All windows have auto up and down
    3) Rear windows go down fully!
    4) Blue LED lighting in footwells
    5) Small LED lights in door handles - let's you know which doors have been unlocked when you use the keyfob remote to unlock.
    6) Electric rear blind automatically goes down when you select reverse in gear selection
    7) When reversing depending on which side you are parking, you can automatically have the side mirrors move down - you just need to move the switch that controls the side mirrors to the mirror you want to have moved, and it does this automatically when you select reverse gear.
    8) Snow button on dash to use when it's snowing (not sure what this does, and shame we had no snow this winter just gone as I was REALLY looking forward to see what it did!)
    9) When you lift bonnet, no need to hold up with the usual metal rod, as it has an automatic hold function
    10) Doors open really wide
    11) No need to slam doors. Just need a gentle push, and doors literally close very easily, even when parking on tilt (ie pavement etc)
    12) Front cup holders in centre console have several permutations possible,via 2 further buttons, to accommodate several different types of cups / bottles.

    There are loads more features that I cannot remember right now but will post as I find them. Not sure if other cars have these features, and if so, I apologise for making it sound like the Legend is unique! Would be nice if others could share any hidden or not features they might have come across on the Legend!!!

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    Good stuff Mo ! You are correct Legend is jam packed with features. Cool idea listed them all.

    There's been lots of participation from Legend owners recently, which is great to see ! Makes the rest of us want Legends too :eek:
    Keep it up guys :Thumbup:
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    Having read most of the handbook I thought I new all the features but was unaware of the door handle's ability to know which ones are unlocked. Also I didn't know that either door mirror could dip when selecting reverse. I recently observed how nicely the doors clunk shut with just a gentle shove. A sign of a quality car.
    I think it is odd how little information there is available on the snow button.
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    My old monster twin turbo Lexus has the snow button and all it did was kill the turbos and limit throttle response. So you could floor the throttle and it just set off with no spin even on fresh snow.

    Defo use that 4x4 system in the snow for some hooning in wide spaces. Four wheel drift!
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    Snow button cancels the torque vectoring.
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    Torque vectoring :Whoosh:

    ......Oh yeah, course :What:
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    Seeing how clever the legend is, I always tell people the snow button makes it snow. On the doors, what I really appreciate is the fact that they can be held open in I think three stages. A boon when letting my mother out in car parks without dinging the next car.
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    LJK Setright claimed to have achieved that inside a Rolls-Royce one damp night, such was the efficacy of its air-conditioning.

    It's amazing how many people are impressed once they get inside it. Such gewgaws are quite common in modern rubbish, so I guess it's greater than the sum of its parts.
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    This TV option (JDM) was new to me.
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    ...some of the more obvious ones from a newbie owner :Smile:)

    when you can follow traffic on rural a roads with such ACC controlled ease.....ahhh

    when 9 out of 10 (ish) steering adjustments are done by LKAS (on straightish roads, with white lines, above 40mph) ....ahhh sooo easy and relaxing...

    air cooled buttcheeks... : )

    raised steering wheel on car exit ... nice...very handy indeed...

    reversing camera...handy indeed

    the list goes on
    VTECH ....awesome
    plush but sporty ride ...not bad..
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    I like #1 very much :Smile:
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    Can't wait to get mine.. :Frown: