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  1. As mentioned in here, New toy (Tools - ) , got the compressor in order to repaint the kitchen cupboards from a horrible cream colour to gloss white. This isnt a step by step guide but just thought I would post my initial impressions of the compressor.

    Its been well over a decade since I last held a spray gun so I decided that I would spray the rear of the cabinet door first so that I could get my eye back in and any mistakes would not be so obvious.

    A few doors had to be rebuilt due to delaminating over the years, so these were reconstructed with 15mm chipboard and new laminate stuck onto them. Also had to make a custom microwave surround which has also been done and will be painted today. Everything sanded down, and wiped down with wax and grease remover, using the stuff I used when I did my alloys.

    I actually quite enjoy the setup process of using these guns, but a huge disadvantage is that you can't just "quickly" put another coat on like with a spray can. Its an entire set up, spray, and then cleaning of equipment afterwards. I was going to put plastic sheeting everywhere but then changed my mind as I wasnt spraying anywhere near the ground and the cabinets are getting rubbed down anyway to make them smooth. If I was doing bodywork, I would have properly cleaned and wrapped up the area. But these are just kitchen cupboards after all....

    Onto some pictures:

    This was how it was laid out in the garage earlier - made a couple of workhorses for myself and laid some wood over them to give a long workbench.

    With everything rubbed down and clean, starting to set the gun up. A few bits and bobs first

    This is 2k acrylic based non isocyanate paint - first time ever using it. It is automotive quality and the non iso aspect of it means that it lacks the chemical which is dangerous to the environment and to your lungs removing the necessity for a spray booth in relation to the chemical aspect only. 2k basecoat and clear, in large quantities, is illegal to spray outside of a paintbooth due to the chemicals that it uses. This acrylic paint flashes off in a matter of minutes meaning that you can apply 3 or 4 coats in a matter of 10 minutes easily. Not a plug for this company, but there arent many out there that will sell outside of the industry.

    It mixes the same way as basecoat and clearcoat. The mixing ratio for this is 2 parts paint to one part hardner with 15% thinners. Best way to mix this is with a measuring cup. Unfortunately, my eyes failed me and I didnt quite get it spot on but it was still fine in the end.

    So - 2 parts paint....

    To one part hardner and thinners put on top. All mixed up and put into the HVLP gun using a 400 micron thick filter. Air pressure set to 50psi and then some test sprays to set up the fan spread. You want the paint to have a fan of around 6 inches. This allows for a nice 50% overlap between passes. Initially, I couldn't get it right - it was blobbing whilst spraying and wracking my ever increasing old brain, I eventually realised that the pressure was too high and the amount of paint coming out was too low. Adjusted paint flow and it started to spray smoothly.

    Anyway - it went from this


    To this

    There is some orange peel, but this is going to be rubbed back anyway and smoothed over so I am not too bothered.

    The compressor and gun? Worked really well, the compressor kicked on every 50 odd seconds and handled spraying just fine. Not sure how long it would last for impact tools as they require a larger CFM but thats not why I got it.

    More painting today, made a few mistakes where I have to rub back and respray. Also need to make up another cupboard drawer and pull the cupboards off the walls. I am 80% sure I cleaned the gun properly - guess I will find out in a few hours whether it sprays or not.
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  2. In fact, thinking about it now - the nozzle could also be a bit too large, a 1.3 nozzle is recommended and I am using a 1.4mm one. Adding more thinner would result in less orange peel too.
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    That looks like a really good finish. Looks like you still got it huh LOL
  4. Not quite - new style gun and new paint takes some getting used to but I think I cracked it today.

    Good news first - gun worked again with no issues. Bad news, I only managed to do half the kitchen and ran out of paint. Compressor worked flawlessly for 6 hours straight spraying and didnt miss a beat although by the end of it, it was a little dusty (all cleaned now)


    So, 5 coats front and rear using 1 litre of paint covered this lot

    Compare that to a spray can for coverage....

    HVLP guns are clearly alot more economical than convential guns and substantially more efficient and cheaper than using cans. Need to order more paint to finish the rest of the kitchen off. Next episode is to rip all the cupboard off the walls, strip them down and give them a paint too. Boss then wants the bedroom built in cupboard doors also painted. I am sure she will find something else to do after that as well

    Overall, I am starting to get my hand back into it again, been a long time. I find the acrylic paint easier to deal with in comparison to 2k basecoat and clear although it is not as glossy as I would like. It is automotive quality so we shall see how it stands the test of time. If it struggles, Il shoot it with some 2k lacquer. A quick shot of one side of the kitchen with the custom microwave surround - gaps are intentional to allow for air flow.

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    They are looking brand new @Nighthawk ! Good job !