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    Can anyone tell me the difference between a Honda Jazz 1.4i-DSi SE 5d CVT7 and the one I have in my logbook Jazz 1.4 SE CVT. My car is a 2002.
    Many Thanks
    Glen ( new Member)
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    Hi Glen, I'm sure some one will be able to answer your question soon, but please be careful to only open one thread for it.
    I've removed the duplicate. :Hey:
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    Hi @glenmar13 and welcome to HondaKarma.
    CVT and CVT7 are basically the same thing. CVT being the generic name while CVT7 being the Honda branded name for the box. It is like Automatic in olden days called HondaMatic by Honda.

    The 7 in CVT7 being the virtual ratios that could be selected through the steering wheel buttons in pre-facelift cars such as yours. CVT7 was only available in SE model uptill 2004. Post-facelift cars had a button on steering wheel to enable or disable this mode so car could act like a fully auto or you can switch to CVT 7 mode which allowed you to change virtual gears using pedals behind the steering wheel.

    I say virtual because CVT gearboxes have no fixed ratios hence step less acceleration as evident in their name: continuously variable transmission. But a lot of manufacturers program them to provide an effect of gear change which is what CVT7 does.
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    Thanks for this information. Do you think my log book is wrong just saying Jazz SE.CVT ( I cannot find this vehicle in my search for this car ) but I can find information for the 1.4i DSi SE 5D CVT7.
    I have had this car for 18months but never used the CVT7 on the stearing wheel , I don;t know
    how and when. Any instructions will be gratefully received
  5. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    I think the Log book is correct no need to worry about that. Jazz only only had two transmissions: Manual & CVT..

    I haven't got a CVT but I'll try and find you some info on how to use it. Shouldn't be anything more than pressing the cvt7 button on use the silver buttons on the steering wheels to change up and down
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  6. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    The button is on the bottom of the right spoke of the steering wheel. click it and you will feel steps during driving as if the car is changing gears. switch it off and you will have stepless acceleration.
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