Electrical & Lights Dipped Beam Projector Lights - Very poor - Very Dim - Almost undriveable

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    Hi Peeps,

    New to the Forum and straight in with a request for help if possible...

    My 2003 Accord has Projector Lamp Dipped Headlights and slowly but surely over the five years I have owned "Harry Honda" they have been getting worse and worse from a visability point of view - despite having changed bulbs (From Halfords !!!) quite a few times as they seem not to last long either?

    We are now in a position where we use the front fog/driving lamps to try and help the situation here on country roads with no street lighting.

    When dipping from full beam for an oncoming car it is almost as though our lights have gone out completely - they are that bad.

    So folks - question is - is this a generic prob with ageing projector lamp housing/lenses etc, or do we have a specific issue with our car such as voltage drop etc???

    Any help gratefully accepted.

    Skipper John
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    As far as I'm aware, unless a multi-metre shows the wattage to the bulb connector is off (unlikely) then you should be getting the exact same brightness as you originally had.

    Two things come to mind, firstly how cloudy are your headlight housings? Secondly, have you tried replacing the bulbs with original OEM? I haven't tried Halfords bulbs before, but there's plenty else they sell which is sub-par.

    Someone more knowledgeable will pipe in before long :Smile:

    Welcome to the AOC.
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    My lenses were very cloudy but i used my machine polisher with some 3M fast cut to restore them.
    There not 100% but alot better now.
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    Thanks Topper - My lenses are opaque - should they be totally clear?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank You for your prompt response.

    This has been ongoing (getting worse) over last year - have tried both 'normal' and 'super dooper' varieties from Halfords but not tried buying OEM from Honda outlet. Are any other makes recommended by anyone??

    Have thanked Topper below for also pointing out cloudy lense issue - How clear should they be ??

    Cheers for now
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    I think we've identified the problem, they should be like glass and close to totally transparent. Osram is a good bulb manufacturer.

    To clean your headlights personally I use toothpaste and a sponge, it'll have them coming up like new but also requires a lot of elbow grease. You can use a machine polisher, or polish pad attachment drill piece to make it easier.

    Bicarbonate of soda works as well as toothpaste and of course there's also a lot of specialist products out there you can try to if you wish to invest in getting the job done properly.

    EDIT: Here's a shot of my Accord where you can clearly see the headlights:

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    Many Thanks DD - I'll get cleaning the reflectors - What they SHOULD look like - just the info I needed... Cheers Buddy
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    Hi, I'm new here, I've only signed up to post in this thread really. I'm Greg and I'm a Multi skilled Maintenance Engineer.

    I was in my friends Accord last night and I commented that the dipped beam was almost non existant, she said that they used to be great but they have got bad and keep popping bulbs so she has to use the front fogs to get slightly more light. Being the nosey git that I am I wanted a look in the day light. So I just went out and had a play. Seems that "Halfords" fitted her new lamps ages ago and every time they blew she went back and gets them to fit new ones. Every time she goes there they install the H1's UPSIDE DOWN which means they do not seat correctly in the housing nor can you see the fillament through the projector lens. Turned them right side up and they are bloody lovely again!

    Reason for blowing, poor electrical connection to ground on car chassis.
    Reason for poor light on dipped beam, lamp fillament not visible through the projector lens from the outside looking in.

    I'd say to all on this thread to check lamp orientation first!

    Cheers G.
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