General Does anyone actually rely on built in Honda sat nav?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by arahman, Thursday 6th Oct, 2016.

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    I've always used a TomTom and this is my first car with a built in sat nav. I find it unintuitive, not least because it always shows a bird's eye view. Is there anyone who genuinely relies on it for long journeys, etc?
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    It's good enough to get you from A to B but of course it's not going beat any dedicated Sat Nav device especially one that is much newer than it.

    I've never had a need to supplement the Honda Sat Nav with anything else.
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    You can change the view in the settings I'm sure but the map/interface will never be the same as a Tom Tom or garmin. You could invest in the latest update disc. However they are arround £170 from Honda. The live traffic re-direction is very good. If you take the time to learn about the features like voice activation. The built in sat nav comes up trumps
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    Yes, I do.

    I've got a Garmin, but find the 3D view hard to follow.

    Having used the (old) Honda version for 6 years now, I find that it is clear and simple and does exactly what I need it to do.

    The newer ones look more impressive, but are harder to use and to follow IMHO. I'm more interested in ease of use and accuracy than fancy graphics.
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    Use mine all the time recently from the Midlands to France around France and back, it has its idiosyncrasies but then so do others. It has the latest software and maps.
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    Seems like the latest update would do me well, I'm still on the 2010 edition, but hard to justify the cost when compared to TomTom. I'll probably just use it for small journeys
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    hi I have 2007 Honda accord I had 2 weeks for my sat nav disc to arrive for my built in system and its spot on for me very pleased with it.
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