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    Hi all.
    I love my partner to bits but she has two problems:- the dog which is constantly moulting, picture a Wookie moulting and you may get the idea. The dog will not stay in the boot of the Tourer as it climbs over the seat-solved dog guard on the way. However that leaves getting the dog hair out of the carpets etc the humble Dyson can just about cope but not brilliantly, can't seem to find a full boot liner for my Accord Tourer,any ideas?

    Second:- food crumbs and other rubbish. My partner loves cake, crisps, sweets oh and chocolate etc which all make a right mess and get ground in the carpets. Going to get some rubber mats which i'm not a great fan of. Again any ideas?

    Before someone say's, getting rid of both is not an option!!!
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    Honda sell rubber foot mats for the front and rear. They are really good quality. I prefer them over carpet mats
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    I was once given a Yaris with 210,000 miles on it and it came with everything required to make a dog except the body of one. Now combine that with 2 years old mould and date seeds ... you get picture.

    Mould was easy to get rid of as I used Rug doctor with upholstery attachment after agitating the spots with Turtle wax upholstery spray which has a brush on it... but the dog hair was a b*tch to remove. A few different things worked .. first of all a dog hair brush only ruined the carpets so avoid. I used a paumice stone while wearing yellow kitchen gloves ... rubbing the gloves on carpet did wonders as they get static charge when you rub them attracting all the hair which you can push around with pumice stone and simply pickup and throw out.

    Worked for me, your mileage might vary but worth a try as it is quite a cheap solution.
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