Electrical & Lights fault code readers and ABS issues

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by Jon22, Tuesday 7th Jun, 2016.

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    Hi folks, new to the forum so time for an introduction. I'm a long term FR-V owner, had a CTDI since 2008 and it's been great most of the time, in its element touring France, family camping, mountain bike weekends and so on. But it's had plenty of faults too like the usual slipping clutch, dud reversing sensor control box and a whining turbo (gulp) - and a good few others that I won't mention here.

    Most recent one is an ABS warning light, hence the post.

    The first step seems to be to read the fault codes so any recommendations for a ODB code reader? Was going to buy something universal like this
    Universal Fault Code Readers - Diagnostic Tools 24/7

    But interested to hear if this is ok for the Honda's various ECUs, any hints?

    Also interested to hear if any other ABS issues out there in FR-V land. Think the FR-V has much the same running gear as the CR-V diesel and that seems to have a lot of ABS issues...


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    Lots of boffins on here will know the codes so I'm sure you'll get help soon. Mine went wrong last year as I drove into MOT station ! A rear wheel sensor had failed, being a worthless vehicle my garage said it was uneconomical to repair so THEY just took bulb out then passed it.
    Apparently on mine its got plastic bits that after 20 years are impossible to remove ?
    Hope yours is an easy fix.
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    Cheers for that, I have no great need or desire for ABS as got by without it for decades. A sensor not too bad to fix I think, hoping it's not the full ABS unit...
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    If you have android phone you can get one of these cheap OBD2 scanners like this which pair using Bluetooth and you can install an app called Torque. If you have an iPhone you will need the wifi version.
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    Very true same here, 99% of people don't know how to use ABS ( hope they never have to ) they just hang on and wait for the bang, human instinct I guess.
    Worth getting checked in your case could be very simple. I think my replacement part was £100 without labour !
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    Just had a peek on eBay, can buy all four for under $50 ! ! Says free shipping not sure if includes UK but doubt there Honda quality.
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    Thanks again for helpful replies. Re legend-ary's reply, thanks but I tried exactly that type of bluetooth ODB reader (loaned to me by a friend) but it only retrieves engine ECU fault codes, not ABS controller/sensor etc faults - which was what prompted my original post. I did learn that I had an intermittent cam position sensor fault though!
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    Ah I miss that part... Yes a regular scanner won't read these... you will need HDS or see someone or a garage who has that or a SnapOn tool.
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    Hi Jon, get your car to a garage with a Snap On reader, they will be able to read the codes for you.

    Mostly likely a wheel sensor is gone, which is not a biggie. Another possibility is the ABS unit itself, that some what harder on the pocket.

    Get the codes read and posted on here and we'll be able to advise further.
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    I have only ever used the cheap ebay ones... not the HDS so unable to help..
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    Thanks, makes sense, will ask my local garage if they have a suitable reader, the units look pricey (£100+) but maybe worth it if I need it again as my aging car decays further :Wink:
    Will let you know how i get on, cheers
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    Following up on my ABS issue, the error code revealed a failed rear O/S ABS sensor. Now the challenge is to find a low priced replacment - Honda want about £140! Looking around, the similar sensors for the Accord etc cost about £15 but I can't see one anywhere for the FR-V.

    Any suggestions? If 2007 era Honda ABS ssensors are much the same, then maybe I could splice in one from another model?