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Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by Chris67, Tuesday 9th Aug, 2016.

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    United Kingdom Chris March
    Hi I have recently bought a 2005 2.0 l FR-V and would like know if there is a way of reducing the cost of parts as its a great car but no one bought one when I came out so parts are expensive and seemingly only available from Honda dealerships. Not good for wallets.
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    Hello @Chris67 and welcome to HondaKarma.
    Our members seem to use variety of sources for parts and once you become active on the forums you get access to exclusive discounts from our partner dealership Holdcroft Honda.

    Which parts are you looking for?

    Oh and do add your FR-V to the club garage when you get a chance. Helps us answer your questions without you having to explain specs each and every time.
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    United Kingdom Chris March
    Hi nothing at the moment but I just had some bushes replaced and with some other stuff that I thought wasn't too expensive spent £600. The cxcxar cost mnmnr around 2.5 k so any reduction I can make in the future will be handy.
  4. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    £600 for some bushes? What other stuff did you change and where from!? That sounds a lot tbh.
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    The best way to get cheap parts is to buy used from eBay/scrap yard and to match parts where possible to compatible models from Honda.

    don't ever do this for consumables such as brakes/clutch etc, it's more for starters/alternators etc.

    Consumables are reasonably priced direct from Honda e.g. cox motors or Honda Holdcroft, in some cases you can buy non-genuine parts of good quality from euro car parts e.g. pagid discs and pads are almost half the price of OEM and are good quality. You have to research the non OEM brand's on offer at euro car parts.
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    United Kingdom quince Bromley
    the only parts price that has bothered me to date is the cost of replacement window switches. so prone to breaking and so expensive.
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    I'd like to know what engine / auto box codes my 1.8 has and what other Hondas use the same.

    That way price matching should be easier