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    While searching the internet for GPS update I stumble across the Gracenote Update for CR-V 2013 for Europe. I guess it is for the music enthusiasts. My update was successful.My CR-Vs Initial version was 4503 and now the updated version is 6565. Since it is free it is worth updating. I used nero to burn since the windows copy feature was inadequate with the CDs capacity.

    Gracenote® Update for Honda Audio System

    The official Honda site for Gracenote® updates

    Gracenote® is a music database that enables your Honda audio system to identify artist, album and song names. The most popular and trusted ID technology for consumer electronics today, Gracenote® will help you better manage and thoroughly enjoy your music collection. Updates to the Gracenote® database are released quarterly and can be downloaded for installation on your vehicle's audio system. The updates for your Honda vehicle must be obtained from this Web site as files from other sources will not work.

    Your Honda Audio System will not allow you to install an older version of the Gracenote® database. You may already have the latest version installed and may not need to update the database.
    Click here to download the Gracenote® file

    Current Vehicles Supported: Europe/Russia: Honda Civic 12MY - 14MY and CR-V 13MY - 14MY
    Database Version Number: 6565
    Database File Name: Database File Name:
    Next available update: April 2015

    I hope it is useful.
    Instructions here:

    Initial Page Here:
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