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    Bought an 2005 Accord I-CTDI a few year back with 35 miles, now is with about 80k miles on it. All running fine, pretty happy with it (but still missing my Aerodeck 1.8 VTi). Got it remaped right away, and most recently got an EGR off remap due to IMRC solenoid problems (the dreaded p2004) and seems to be working good so far.
    Only major issue was the rattling cam chaim, replaced under warranty (injectors included). Minor issues include cracked exhaust manifold and assisted steering hose replaced due to leaking.
    Other than that, is running superb.

    Here it is:



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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Welcome to AOC Joooe that a name I recall for sure:cool:
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    Hi and welcome Joooe
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    Ahaha, glad to "see" you again. Congrats on the site. It's great work.
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    Hello and welcome Nuno
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    Hello Nuno and welcome to AOC.

    Thanks for a great intro.

    Hope you like the forum, and we'll look forward to your input.
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    Hello and welcome :Smile:
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    Welcome. Very familiar name!
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    Nuno buddy, how dooooo?:cool: