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    My wife has a 2009 Accord Ex-GT. The uppermost horizontal chrome strip on the grille has been torn off. A replacement grille is silly money. I was wondering if anyone knows if the chrome strips can be purchased separately? I've a feeling that a breaker would be unwilling to sell me the strip as it would probably render the rest of the grille unsellable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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    It's a UK model, I should've mentioned
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    I am pretty sure I read something similar about 6 months ago and the guy was able to get a replacement bar on it's own from Honda. I might be wrong but might be worth a bargain t of digging in 8th Generation section.
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    That's brilliant, appreciate your reply, many thanks.
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    Yes, sorry, should've done that to begin with.
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    I've been looking about. I got a part number (I think) from one of the schematics that someone posted. As far as I can tell, £96 for the strip! Most of the sites offering grille parts seem to be Russian, and Google Translate isn't doing a great job on them!

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    Have you tried contacting breakers on eBay?
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    No, I'm somewhat of an EBay virgin, I opened an account which was subsequently hijacked by my other half! I'll certainly give it a go now though, thanks for the tip.
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    Really appreciate all your help, thanks. I'll update on my progress.