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    United Kingdom Matthew London
    Hi all. Just wanted to say hello and thank you all for your great contributions to this forum! I have already founderway lots of great info. I have a 1999 S Reg Honda Accord ES automatic. The car was a stopgap for £450 bought last year but I totally love the car! Since I've had her I have done the following work to her myself.
    - Anti roll bar drop links front
    - Anti roll bar bushes front and rear
    - Lower ball joints
    - Upper control arms
    - track rod ends.
    - 4 new tyres
    - oil and filter service x 2
    - Cabin filter
    - LED headlight upgrade
    - Automatic transmission fluid change with genuine honda fluid
    -Power steering fluid flush with genuine honda fluid
    - Air conditioning recharge and clean (leak then found)

    I have still a long list of things to do mostly cosmetic, including
    - New bonnet (paint faded)
    - Refurbish alloy wheels
    - Paint windcreep wiper arms
    - New aerial mast (bent and doesn't raise)
    - Fix climate control lights
    - Fix air conditioning
    - new driver seat (torn)
    - wrap interior trim
    - new boot seal
    - repaint bumpers and wing mirrors
    - fit bluetooth/aux to stock stereo
    - changel dials to white led bulbs
    -full service including plugs, leads etc
    - valve clearances

    I think that's it! For now anyway. :Smile: I'm quite handy with a spanner so will do most of this myself. This is likely a long term project, but I'd like to make her look as good as she can. All help and advice is appreciated. I'll still up so pics when I can. She's looking a bit rough but drives perfectly now all the suspension issues are sorted. 14736693860182057403597. 1473669438719-1648463059. 1473669462924902057267.
  2. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Hello @Mellenchip86 and welcome to HK from a fellow SE member.

    Love these 6th Generation Accords and have always wanted one. Seems like you have done a lot of work on the car and you got plans for it.

    Please take plenty of photos when you do these jobs.

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    United Kingdom Matthew London
    Hi legend-ary! To be honest it needed more work than I thought it would when I bought it but I've put 10k miles on it in 12 months and it's never skipped a beat. I will be getting the headlights sorted this week as well so will post that up.
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    welcome aboard mate looks like it will been a fully nice motor and well done on work you have done :gohonda: are strong and there autos good.
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    :welcome: to HK @Mellenchip86
    Are you going to polish up those headlights. It'll make a huge difference on the light beams hitting the road.
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    United Kingdom Matthew London
    Yes I'm planning to do that this week. Possibly this evening. They look terrible at the moment!
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  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    That's great. Don't forget some before and after pictures in your Project Log.
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    I've polished my head lights up and made big difference mate so it worth doing them...
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Mellenchip86 and what a great introduction!


    Will be watching your project log with interest. Would be great if you could do some DIY guides to help other members too.

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    Welcome mate from the south coast. Nice looking car, its a credit to the work you have put in. :Niceone:
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    United Kingdom .
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    United Kingdom Primary c Northampton
    Hey bud you do like hard work I get that but man when she is done she will look great!! Iights such an easy job but makes a big visual impact. Well I better go you got work to do!
    Just wanted to say Welcome bud those cars are terrific I tried to get one years ago a Type-V but sadly it was sold. Welcome and keep us updated on how your work is going :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Matthew London
    Thanks for all the encouragement everyone :Smile: I think I am a bit mad, but hey, everyone needs a hobby. Lol. I will try and get some more pics up this weekend once I've done the lights and given her a good clean. Silver is very forgiving with showing the grime so it's been a while!
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    Now that you are an active member please note that you are eligible to vote for the Honda of the Month and other awards to members
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Mellenchip86 :Hey:

    You're giving her plenty of TLC, that's great to see, she's one lucky girl.
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    United Kingdom Matthew London
    Thanks @SpeedyGee :Smile: knowing when to stop seems to be my main problem at the moment!