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    I am from Harrow, Middlesex and I own a 2006 Accord Type-S Saloon since from July 2010.

    As a avid internet user, I just can't believe this website has slipped through the net all this time! No concern now that I am a Member ... :vtec:

    Absolutley love my car however my car battery is giving my problems of late. Have decided to change the battery but I read elsewhere on the web that I have to wait 1 hour before reconnecting my new battery so that the ECU does not reboot!!?:Wassat: Can any Member shed any more light on this matter - it would of great help.

    I have also read from a previous post on this website forum that will not need to re-enter my Sat Nav code... is this tried and tested?

    Thanks you in advance for your assistance.
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hi Jake Welcome to AOC

    An hour for the ECU to reboot that a first. ECU do have NVRAM which is volatile memory power loss nornally means data loss in a couple of seconds.

    There is no code on the 7th Generation for sat nav or radio and yes it is tried and tested procedure.
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    Thanks Buddy. I feel soo much more relaxed now...
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    Hello and welcome:Hey:
  5. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Hi Jake, Welcome to AOC.

    That's the first time I've heard of the one hour things as well and I've owned 7th gens for a good few years now.
    As CJ says nothing to worry about when swapping out the battery on the the 7th gens.
  6. Jon_G Guest

    Hi Jake and welcome. I have to agree with those above who say there's no problem in disconnecting then reconnecting the battery in your own time - I've done this several times!
  7. jake New Member Getting Started

    Thank you again to everyone for the reassurance. :Thumbup:
    bought battery last night and will change over this wknd