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    Scotland pete Glasgow
    It always seems rude to join a forum just to ask for advice so I'll do the polite thing and say hi first.

    Live just outside Glasgow and have had an FR-V for 3 years, bought to replace a Multipla due to the three seats in the front. It's getting a bit old now (approaching 100k) but can't find anything to replace it with just yet, so have joined here to get some advice on how to fix the tailgate which has taken to sticking...
    We've also got an ageing Golf GTi and a scruffy Elise 135r...
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    Now that you are an active member please note that you are eligible to vote for the Honda of the Month and other awards to members

    There's lots of members with FR-V's so hopefully someone will be along shortly who can help you with your problem. I the meantime you can try searching for the problem and see if that brings anything to light.
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    Hello and welcome to HK!
    :Smile: at 100k it has just run in ;D
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @intentionally blank :welcome:

    Do :garage:...

    ...and some photos of the 'scruffy Elise' wouldn't go amiss either. Got to love Lotus!
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to Honda Karma @intentionally blank :Hey:

    At only 100K the FR-V has not even entered middle age yet.
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    Scotland pete Glasgow

    AKA "The Shed"