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What colour to power coat the wheels

  1. Gunmetal Grey

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  2. Black

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  3. Silver

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  1. RogerH69 Premium Member Club Supporter

    South Africa Roger Oxford, UK
    The EP3 wheels I bought have a small amount of damage to them from curbing which is bugging me, as it's quite noticeable. I've therefore decided to get the wheels refubished (sandblasted and powdercoated). I just need to decide which colour I should go for. The last 2 pictures below show the wheels as they are now (close-up shows the wheels with new center caps)

    So, please vote which colour you think I should get the wheels powder coated and / or comment with anything extra / suggestions on a colour not listed in the poll.

    Looking at the gunmetal grey example below, I'm really leaning towards that colour, as I think it really matches the colour of the car well.

    I've included examples of the colours I have listed (yes I realise the first two are EP3's - I don't have the skill to photoshop diff. wheels onto my car, so had to do with what I could find on Google :Grin: )

    Gunmetal Grey


    (mine are already Silver)

  2. exec Premium Member Club Supporter

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    Gunmetal grey, they look great on those wheels and are a nice classy colour. Black looks gash and is so overdone these days, they remind me of chavved up corsa vxrs.

    Alternatively look at a matt bronze finish, I am thinking of getting them done on my wheels, they will either look awful on my car or half decent, but a risk I shall take.
  3. I agree about the black, they look horrific. Personally i prefer normal silver but thats because im boring and like stock