Civic Hi all I'm new here want to buy Civic.

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    Hi all, this is my first day at HK finaly I decided to take action n buy Honda Civic despite my friends n family members are against Japanese cars it's a riot I can't hold any longer I always wanted Civic. Here we go mainly I drive 10 000km a year if remember good it would be 10000/1.66= 6024 miles I think I go around 7k miles max a year mainly I drive city short distance rarely I drive outside city. If gasoline then I'll install gas I can't drive with just gasoline. I would like to know also an sedan version as I understand its not for Europe but still I want to know, also I can't decide 8th or 9th Generation for now I'm just gathering info, ofc I would like to have car with day running lights but it's not top notch xenons would be nice, but I'm curious about all possibilities. want to know as much info as possible 9th Generation would be maximum 2012 but if worth 8th Generation 2011 I don't mind if it has Day running lights would be good, for now that's all, oh btw how about auto n mechanical gearboxes?
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    I would actually stay away from this one as it has clearly been "modified" by someone with interesting taste. Trouble with such cars is that these are more likely to be abused by the owner as they are too busy with modifications.

    A standard looking car with full service history will be the best place to start.
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    Agree that's what I'm gonna try to find n get if I'm lucky I will search in Germany. I just showed what spec I'm interested ofc I stay away from modified cars, I want myself to change would be way more interesting. I'm thinking About Gasoline 1.8
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    I think for 7000 miles a year petrol 1.8 would be best as there is no particulate filter to worry about. Auto and manual would be upto you but don't get the i-Shift if that is available over there.. too many issues with that.
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    What is Ishift? I read about it but I didn't understand. I'm tired of manual gearbox want to try automatic but I can't find any information about automatic, the issues n so on, it's very important to know Thnx.
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    i-Shift is sort of an automated manual gearbox as there is no clutch pedal. You can leave them in full auto or move the lever up and down in manual mode to change gears or use pedals behind steering wheel. They are very problematic and cause nothing but headaches.

    So either go for full auto or full manual. i-Shifts are normally listed under 'Automatic' section so you have to look carefully.

    Easiest way to tell what is full auto and what is i-Shift is by looking at the gear lever.

    i-Shift (looks like a manual lever but has + / - on it

    This is what full Auto box gear lever looks like.

    media (1). media.
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    Netherlands Marlène Maasgouw
    Oké, it's not a Civic, but we have a Jazz i-Shift and it drives as a dream.
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    Glad to hear yours is working fine. I think Here in UK we never got the iShift in Jazz. Only have CVT.

    I am sure there are many I-Shifts working flawlessly but in UK most for repairs car you see getting sold have issues with their clutch actuators with £400+ repair cost excluding labour. Plus it also depends on history of the car, as he is buying used and doesn't have experience of how a good one works, there is a higher chance of him ending up with a faulty one.
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    No I don't want to risk with I-shift I'm more concern in automatic gearbox but I also don't mind manual I never had automatic gearbox, would like to know about automatic n there problem it is worth or not buy with automatic gearbox
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    The normal automatic is fine and should last long with good maintainance
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