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    I'm new here joined today I'm from Lithuania my name is Tautvydas glad to be here. I always wanted to have Honda, but my friends family members who fix cars. Said don't buy Honda. I decided to buy my next car Honda Civic but I can't decide what gen should I buy 8th or 9th. For now I'm driving Opel Astra H 2006 1.9CDTI 88KW. I want my dream come true n buy Honda Civic. I hope I can get help as much as I finally could decide what gen. to buy diesel or petrol engine.
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    Hello @Krayde and welcome to HK.
    Good to hear that you are considering a Civic for your next car. It depends on you really... which shape do you like? I personally like the 8th Generation as I thought they look like spaceships.. 9th Generation was a much safer design.

    How many miles do you driver? long drives then diesel would make sense. Short city drives will suit the petrol engine better. Civic diesels are reliable but far too many people buy it for the wrong reasons and end up having DPF issues. A bit more info about your driving needs will gives a better chance so let us know..

    Plus there must be price difference between the two so what the mileages of the cars you are considering?
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    Can't find where to post thread for my needs for car can u help me?
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    If the question is not model specific you can post it in the general section. All threads here get a lot of replies General Discussion
    If your question is about a particular model then you can post in model specific section (Honda Civic but as you are deciding between models I would say use the top link.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Krayde :welcome:

    Good luck with your Honda search.
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    United Kingdom Brett Bristol
    Welcome along fella
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