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    Hi All

    I'm Ryan

    Have recently bought a B16A2 powered GTM Libra Kit Car in need of some TLC, so it is getting a rebuild as well as a fresh motor. I plan on using the B16A2 head on a B18C4 short motor with p73 pistons, ITR cams etc..

    Have done plenty of research so hopefully I won't be too much of a pain.

    If anyone has a set of dual valve springs & retainers (can I use the b16a2 retainers??) please message me. Also need a B18C4 short motor, long as it's got a good crank, rods and liners.. not a knocker! :Smile:

    Many thanks
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Yazza54 :Hey:

    What a great project ! Please do add it to the Club Garage, would love to follow along.

    Can't help with the parts but good luck with finding them.
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    welcome to the forum :Smile:

    good luck for the project
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    Hello and welcome to HK. Do upload photos of your project when you get a chance :Smile:
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda: KARMA