Engine & Gearbox Honda Civic FN2 Type -R Turbo Drivetrain Components

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    I have been just comparing the clutch set up on the new CTR to find a new drivetrain components which are sourced all here in blighty. Now UK has a lot of high end motorsport outfits offering the best clutch systems in the world but I cannot see those suppliers supplying the clutches for the new CTR.

    So who is the supplier to the new CTR? I think its LuK clutches the same people who supply the diesel cars. The biggest concern I have is the new CTR uses a DMF!! yes people you heard it's a DMF :thumbdown: the flywheel weight a massive 14Kgs

    We all know the DMF's supplied and designed for the Diesel cars are less than impressive but to see a similar set up on the new CTR make me wonder how long will it be before we see issues.

    Here is the exploded diagram and Honda part numbers.,


    Item 2:- 22100-R3P-013 Flywheel Complete Assembly

    Item 3:- 22200-R3P-003 Disc Complete,Friction

    Item 4:- 22300-R3P-003 Disc Complete,Pressure
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    That's a little scary. The CTR will be driven hard by most owners so this could cost in the long run.