Previously Owned Honda Civic Shuttle 1.4 GL

4th Generation (1988-1991) vehicle added by numpty67, Tuesday 7th Oct, 2014

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    Gotta love the 'classics' for their simplicity. Glad to hear it was rescued by a fan :Grin:
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    It came up for sale on ebay in a scrapyard near where I live, so I got in touch and told them that I still had the folder full of documents that I got with the car (my sister wasn't interested in it) and said I could pass it on to them. It was a local place so I took them over the next day and somebody had just bought it on ebay. Turns out the guy that bought it has a G4 Civic 3 door 16v and wanted something a bit more practical for everyday use and was willing to get it back on the road. :Smile:
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    So have you by the looks of it!:Grin:

    I think I am now on my 34th car, had all-sorts, Fiats for many years, which I personally had no problems with at all (well a couple of niggles) but must admit the Honda models have been my favourite to own, the Prelude especially.
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    Mate of mine directed me to this forum, near first thing I see when log on is our Shuttle haha I'm the guy with the 4g hatch who saved this from the scrapyard. Photo taken of the two together at this years JAE down in Kettering last month...

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    Hello! Welcome to Honda Karma, good to see the Shuttle is alive and well, great car, and your 4G is looking good as well.:Smile:
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    Lisa Scotland
    That's my Rita nice to see old pics of her, she still kicking about needs her arches doing so off the road till they are done but hopefully be back next week :Smile:
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    Hi Lisa welcome to Honda Karma, great car, bet your counting the days until Rita returns:Smile: I know how you feel, my Prelude is in the body shop at the moment, should have her back in a week or so, can't wait!
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    Lisa Scotland
    Yeah can't wait to get her back fighting fit for many more years of joy
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